do you have feed software on linux or source code?


I have my own ADS-B ground station running on a Lemote Laptop based on Loongson MIPS CPU. It’s totally different from Raspberry Pi. I use dump1090 to receive and decode ADS-B signal for my own website.

Also, I have a x86 VPS running Debian Linux.

I wonder if you can provide a feed software running on x86/x86_64/MIPS(Loongson) Linux connect to dump1090, so I can use it to provide data to you.
If you could provide source code, I can compile by myself.

My ADS-B station’s location is Beijing, China.


piaware (the feeder software) is mostly tcl, so it should be easy enough to get running assuming you can get tcl built.

Flightaware’s version is here:

If your target system is Debian-like then it may be easier to start from my package here: … an-package
(you will also need dependencies: … an-package)