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PiAware assistance

Ok so I have done a fresh setup of piaware, I followed the instructions however I get two issues.

  1. MLAT hasn’t been setup (apparently) so how do I access menus to enable this?
  2. on my ADSB profile it shows the original IP for the Pi ending .81 and now my Pi is showing as.85 how can I change this to match the Pi and it correspond with my profile, I read it takes 3 hours to show but it hasn’t and I am feeding by the looks of it, but as profile now shows incorrect info I am getting emails saying otherwise.

Thanks for your help.

Are you using Paware image or a setup on an existing Raspberry image?

Did you use the existing ID or did you create a new one? You will find the ID in the profile in the details section.

Changing it back to your existing ID will set it back to your existing record in the DB
You can then delete the new one in the profile (after 24 hours)

MLAT setup can take a while, but should not be three hours.
What is your local status page showing?

follow this:

For Beginners - How to Get Back Existing Station Number in A Fresh Install

Ok so I followed the link thank you, just for the record it was a piaware image I used.

So as it stands now I have updated IP address and PiAware (green) FlightAware (green) MLAT (still red)

Did you configure the location precisely on the stats page?

I notice you have two sites on your stats page, i just assumed going back to your original ID would also restore the location.

Is this a second site you are installing or did you reinstall your only site?

I reinstalled my only site and I used all the details set on profile

green now on MLAT thanks

When you unwantedly got a new site I’ll bet you didn’t set location for it. Going back to original site. fixed that.