Site 23644 - no MLAT on updated system

Yesterday I updated my OrangePi to Piaware 3.3 with a fresh install using Joe Prochazka’s script on Armbian.

Plenty of aircraft on the dump1090 map but Piaware is not recognizing the update and reckons I’m not connected so no MLAT

Same MAC address and local IP. I’ve done this update on a another OrangePi previously to test and that worked ok. Of course the system connected to the antenna on the roof is the one that fails.

So “obj” can you take a look behind the scenes and tell me what is wrong please?


Edit: Just recalled obj’s post about a new id system so I thought I would check the “piaware claim” page. Hmm the updated system and another I have just set up to check the install are both there with new ids. And the test system has MLAT within an hour

No e-mail from Flightaware to say “new system found” unlike previously (but test one has e-mail!). I think I’ve fallen between the old and new id system.
Not bothered about old stats just want my new system with MLAT.

Not the same MAC address. You connected with a new MAC address (32:48:1c:… not 4e:d3:00:…; I note those are both locally-administered MACs, not manufacturer assigned). This created a new site that is UUID-based and stored that UUID on your piaware install. New site is

Subsequently if you connect with that UUID configured then you’re going to direct data to the new site, regardless of what the MAC address is.

If you want to revert to identifying yourself by the old MAC address, ensure you’re really using the old MAC address and remove /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id and restart piaware.
If you want to continue using the new site, then you need to configure its location before you will get mlat.

Thanks Oliver - this was the same OrangePi and “ifconfig -a” still shows same MAC address. :frowning:

Clearly telling the outside world something else now. I have noticed that MAC addresses can change when using a different OS with these devices but inconsistent internally and externally!

So the new id system will benefit these :laughing: