New setup and PiAware is not running


I am fairly new to the Raspberry Pi and just got a Pi 2B setup with a small 5" display. I have had the Flightaware ProStick for sometime and thought I would install PiAware. I have done this twice going through the command line step by step prompts to install PiAware and Dump 1090 software. I am also running the latest Raspian OS. I reboot and there is no indication that they are running. I should see a map I am assuming. I have no icons to run the program manually and can’t find where they are installed on the Pi when using the File Manager. Any assistance would be appreciated. Scott


There’s no GUI for managing them.

You can check they’re ok by running “piaware-status” in a terminal window.


Once I got everything connected up all but mlat was running and was connected to FlightAware. Now how do I bring the map up to see what is being received?


Point your browser at IP-address-of-your-PI:8080/ for a map.
Or follow the “live data” link on your stats page ( which points to the same place.

To get mlat working you need to set your site location on the stats page then restart piaware.