Newbie question re Flight Radar & Flight Aware data feeding

Hello, did a quick check of the forums, not much joy.

I am currently feeding data to FlightRadar24 off my RaspberryPi2 system. All working well.

Can I feed data to FlightAware off the same system, antenna etc ???

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Wayne

Theoretically, but you will probably run out of CPU on a pi2. I’m using 40-50% cpu for MLAT and beast receiver on my pi2.

This script will feed a few feeders at once, inc FA, Plane Finder, ADS-B Exchange and Flight Radar 24 .

I know one of them sucked a bit of CPU, even on my RPI3.

I have 3 Pis, each with 4 data feeders (FA+FR24+PF+adsbexchange).
In addition, rrdtools/collectd graphson are also installed on all the 3 Pis (installed by jprochazka’s scripts linked in above post).

Pi #1: Ras Pi B+, cpu usage 80%+, temp 55 C
Pi #2: Ras Pi Model 2, cpu usage 35%, temp 50 C
Pi #3: Orange Pi PC, cpu usage 30%, temp 50C

i have pi 2 and pi 3 booth feeding fr24 flightware and planne finder without any problems with ram or cpu, so the answer is yes you can 100% sure.

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