Running Flightradar 24 feeder and Flightaware feeder on RPI



just new in the world of picking up ADS-B signals and sending them to Flightradar 24 and Flightaware. im just wondering can i run the feeder software for Fligtaware and Flightradar24 on the same Raspberry PI B+??

i already ordered the DVB-T reciever from but i am not sure wich RPI is better the B or B+ ?

also is there an tutorial on how to run both feeders on a single RPI or am i just looking over it :blush:

Thanks in advance.

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The easiest way to build a receiver is to follow the instructions here (you already bought the USB receiver so you can ignore that):

The B vs B+ doesn’t matter, but the B+ Is a lot newer and the same price, so you might as well if both are available to you.

Once running, you can install any software you want on the receiver.


Thanks for the advise i’m going to buy a RPI B+ today and configure it to work with flightaware and flightradar.

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you’re talking about drinking pepsi on the coca cola forum! =o


i run both, and use both services for different reasons. but each feeder software runs independently and they both get their data from the same place, dump1090.


FR24 are about to make their new feeder mainstream - this drives the dongle and feeds directly without using dump1090 ’ - we may not be able to feed both in future.


I imagine the reaction to an intentionally incompatible, anti-cooperative version will be quite negative from the community that bootstrapped them in the first place.

Of course FlightAware takes the opposite approach and is completely supportive of the flight tracking community; even the free FlightFeeders make the data freely available on the standard ports and formats.


yikes…i’ll keep it going until it stops…but i can live without their premium features. i can’t, however, live without fa’s premium features. this is also kind of a good thing for them because it will kick people off rtl1090 which is horrible in the sense that it picks up tis-b which strips callsigns off visible traffic in the area.

we’ll see how the wind blows. but not being able to feed multiple sites in a ridiculously open source environment is just kind of lame.