2nd Piaware feeder on Same PI

Hello, quick question. Can you add a 2nd adsb feeder to an existing FA install without affecting the current station. Ie installing readsb ect.

Basically I have fa7.2 installed with Graphs1090, tar1090 feeding FR24, adsbx and I want to install a 2nd FR24 feed using a separate antenna and dongle. I have seen threads online on various forums but they mention installing from scratch unless I have interperated it wrong.

1 Pi 2 RECEIVERS - Old one, not sure if it will still work without modification/update

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Yeah I looked at that but the do not use on dump1090-fa put me off from reading further down

Please brows following thread in FR24 forum. It may help you. It consists of 5 pages

So I followed the thread for installing on a fresh SD card, installed lite 32bit os, then ran the script for the 2 dump1090 installs. I then installed FR24 via the bash script & followed the manual configs for the FR-2 feeder. I had both FR24 radars showing online in the app. Now when I went to the IP of the RPI I was expecting to see the piaware screen, but got a screen saying about “this page is ready for webpage insertion”

Now I couldnt get any sort of map to show nor could I get any adsb data to feed to FR24 from the 1 dongle that was attached. Now I dont know if this was because I didnt serilize the dongle to 101, as I want to keep it as 00000001 & 00000002.

But I may try again doing it completley fresh just to be sure.

Right so were looking good now changed the serials in sudo nano /etc/default/dump1090-fa & 2 conf files, only thing wrong is I have lost skyaware2 map for some reason

So it didn’t go to plan, after set up I retained the existing serial no of the dongles in use, aligned the FR24 feed with with my main radar and fr24-2 with another radar I have, connected the dongles and booted up, after about 10mins the main radar was saying connected but no data but ip:8080 had over 80 aircraft. The only difference between insitue compared to testing is the dongle marked against FR24.ini is a flightaware one where testing I used an rtl sdr v3. Would this be the issue as all the setting files were untouched after successful testing

No this should not make any difference if serial numbers of Flightaware dongle and rtl sdr v3 dongle are identical.

very strange, does rpi ip/skyaware pull data from dump1090-fa or fa2? as I currently have the FR24 radar set up on fr24-2 setting and its only showing 2-3 A/C on fr24 website but rpi ip:skyaware is showing 44 and I only have 1 dongle plugged in.

Me being a muppet, I had the wrong radar filtered on FR24…

additional text**

Currently have a dongle in serial 00001090, serial is 00001090 on /etc/default/dump1090-fa, FR24 Radar T-EGCC772 set up in /etc/fr24feed-2.ini

as its using dump1090-fa should it not be sending data to FR24 based on the key in /etc/fr24feed.ini and not /etc/fr24feed-2.ini or does it not work like that.

IP/skyaware/ AND fr24 both pull data from dump1090-fa port 30005

IP/skyaware2/ AND fr24-2 both pulls data from dump1090-fa2 port 31005

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The receiver #1 has DEFAULT port numbers. The receiver #2 had different port numbers.
This I have done intentionally to keep the data of two dumps1090 segregated.
The default fr24 gets data on port 30005 which is supplied by first (default) instance of dump1090-fa
The fr24-2 gets data on port 31005 which is supplied by second instance dump1090-fa2

RECEIVER device-index net-bo-port net-ri-port net-ro-port net-sbs-port net-bi-port net-bo-port FR24
# 1
101 30005 0 30002 30003 30004,30104 30005 fr24 fed from port 30005 of default dump1090-fa
# 2
102 31005 0 31002 31003 31004,31104 31005 fr24-2 fed from port 31005 of dump1090-fa2


To be honest I think I have messed up dump1090-fa2 by trying to add the biast, as I only need the BiasT on the 2nd dongle, which is prob why skyaware2 map won’t display and it reverts to skyaware

Adding bias-t command to 2nd instance of dump1090-fa2 should NOT crash it, unless there is some mistake in command OR the biast binary is corrupt.

Delete the biast folder and build it again.

I followed the below from rtl site

cd ~
git clone GitHub - rtlsdrblog/rtl_biast: Bias tee software for the RTL-SDR.com V3 Dongle
cd rtl_biast
mkdir build
cd build

sudo mkdir /etc/systemd/system/dump1090-fa2.service.d
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/dump1090-fa2.service.d/bias-t.conf

Then added the below to conf file

ExecStartPre=/home/pi/rtl_biast/build/src/rtl_biast -b 1 - d 1


In above command, there is a space between - and d. Remove it so it becomes like this:

ExecStartPre=/home/pi/rtl_biast/build/src/rtl_biast -b 1 -d 1

Does the last command bellow turn ON the bias supply to the V3 dongle? (Use multitester to measure dc voltage on antenna connector of the dongle)

sudo systemctl stop dump1090-fa2 

cd /home/pi/rtl_biast/build/src/

sudo ./rtl_biast -b 1 -d 1  

Sorry @abcd567 the space is my fault on the post, on the conf file in fa2 it is -d 1 with no space. As theirs only 1 dongle the conf file doesn’t turn the BiasT on as the dongle is 0, will need to get the other rtl out of the loft to test again with both connected, but pretty sure it turned the 2nd dongle on with it.

Sort of all sorted now @abcd567 both FA’s now operational, also installed adsbx, tar1090 & Graphs1090

But still can’t get RPI IP/skyaware2 map to work, just sends me to standard skyaware map running from fa not fa2,


Put a slash / after skyaware2 so that it becomes RPi-IP/skyaware2/

Alternatively use
RPi-IP:8181 (for skyaware2 from dump1090-fa2)
RPi-IP:8080 (for skyaware from dump1090-fa)

So using skyaware2/ brings the map up, but no AC, now the strange thing is, I know both dump1090’s are processing A/C, as both FR24 radars defined in the FR24 feeder.ini files are both online and getting data