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Succesfully shared ADB-B Flight feed to Flightradar24

Successfully installed ADS-B receiver received from FlightAware and quite happy to say that also successfully sharing flightfeed data from flightaware ADS-B receiver to FlightRadar24.

Thanks FlightAware

How, can you explain?

Most probably installing FR24’s software on his PC or raspberry pi and taking data from FA’s receiver on port 30002 or 30005.

I did the same.
With a working piaware sd image, click on this link, ran the command line.

answered a few questions, rebooted.
FlightRadar shares the output of the dump1090-fa that is already working.

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You need a RaspberryPi or basically any other computer to run the fr24 feeder software.
Then you configure that feeder to use the BEAST data on port 30005 of the flightfeeder.

You don’t have access to the flightfeeder like other feeder have access to there raspberry pi, so you need a second device.

The Flightradar24 web page is very good for feeders, particularly if you are merely viewing air traffic in general. I do prefer FA’s Skyview and discussion forum.


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Oh i wish I could have a Rpi hanging around, Man i really really hate poverty, it hinder me to have those cool stuffs :cry:

If you dont have RPI, you can still feed FR24 from your Windows or Mac computer.


On this page you will see:
Flightradar24 data sharing software is available for:
Raspberry Pi, Windows, OSX, Linux

Click the Windows (or Mac if you have Mac) tab, then download Software and PDF Manual

I like SkyView. I wish that FR24 had something similar.
I thought I found it with the “Aircraft View”, but that’s just the map view, not your map view.
One more button… could make it happen.
The inability to center on your current location seems odd for any modern mapping program.

The FR24 web page is overloaded with buttons to make it easy to add your new Pi to the network, which seems useless 99% of the time.

I don’t know what to do with RADAR view. Especially since it opens at location 0,0.
I can’t find my home, I can’t find my current location, I don’t even see a search box.
The 3D view is awesome.

The FR24 App “AR” way of “finding” an aircraft is great.

The FlightAware app is so awkward, it’s annoying.
I trigger an alert, and … can’t open a map to that flight?


Not sure why you want similar output from different suppliers.

I like that Flightaware and Flightradar24 and Planefinder offer different functions and different presentations of the aircraft.

If you are looking at data from your receiver or receivers you get different presentation of the same data out of the your receiver.

Have you looked at using Virtual Radar Server (VRS) for a different presentation of your data and the ability to aggregate data from multiple local receivers.

Flightradar24 allows you to store a location and magnification in a URL such as this view centred on my local major airport.

I admit to using a 27" monitor which makes the page quite uncluttered.

The FR24 webpage has a black bar across the top to get to other FR24 functions. Everything else on the page pertains to the map you are looking at. Which would you remove?

For the small investment you have made you have access to the higher level functions from both suppliers. They are different so why not just pick out the bits you like from each. If one was better than the other for all functions then it would thrive and the other would fade away.



Well my pc and my feeder uses different networks, I use my mobile hotspot for my pc and i have a modem set with very minimal data only for the feeder, hence cannot connect its lan to my pc due to data issue, that is because even if i try to connect it to my pc, the pc will use my data and will finish my monthly bundle within a few minutes. So i would prefer the rpi method than feeding from my pc.

The Skyview is just the the webpage displaying data from the dump1090 json files.
You can feed FR24 just fine while using SkyView provided by dump1090-fa.

But i guess you mean the FR24 webpage with data from multiple sources should have a different layout?

The FR24 webpage normally remembers where you last opened it.
In the search box you can just put in the shorthand for an airport.

You can also bookmark it without having an aircraft selected and that bookmark will open at the position you were when you made the bookmark.

On the right hand side the second button from the top below the cog wheel you can make the left side bar and top bar go away.
The cogwheel give you some settings you may want.

I don’t want similar viewing from each service.
If I only had FR24, would there be a “my view only” filter in a local web view?
I think there might be, from dump1090-mutability.

you mentioned investment… The Raspberry Pi was free, and I was trying to figure out something to do with it, when I saw an FR24 screenshot of a local wildfire, with the track of the spotter plane outlining the fire. I didn’t realize that was available on the free level. I had never heard of FR24.
I applied for the free FR24 receiver, and didn’t get that, but they suggested the build-your-own. The FlightAware USB seemed like the best thing, so I loaded piaware in November.

Skyview is what I monitor all day. I suppose I could use either of the normal web pages from FA or FR24 zoomed to my location, but I like the “only my view”.

After I was sure that FA was stable, I backed up my SDcard, and ran the FR24 command line. I was really suspicious of how easy that seemed to be. Silly me. Of course they make that work. After a day or two, I thought I didn’t like FR24, and was going to uninstall it.
Then I realized it cost me nothing to continue providing that feed to the community, even if I didn’t personally use it.

Then I started looking at FR24 more. The app is very good. I like the AR view, which is what I often accomplish manually by looking at SkyView when I hear a plane overhead.

I would still like a “my view only” button in the FR24 web page. The 3D is awesome. I haven’t quite managed to see what I think I should see, switching between map and 3D, but I think that’s a matter of forward view perspective. I can’t figure out what to do with RADAR, which has no search.

Maybe I also want a “my view only” button in the FA web page, and SkyView is a poor substitute :wink:

What would I trim from the FR24 web view?
I am usually viewing the web on a 15" laptop or 12" Chromebook. “apps” seems useless, or “add coverage” could be tucked under the same top level. “add coverage” could have a “see only your data” button, right under the “share your data” click-through.
social/press/about could all be under about. A couple more buttons are at the bottom left, in case I didn’t see “apps” on the top banner, seems like wasted space.

The FR24 Terrain Map view exposes exactly why I have the position coverage that I have. At a glance, it is obvious that I live in a pocket of mountains. On the ground, the valley floor seems flat and wide, but the FR24 view (I’m a little north of the #12 icon) shows my mountainous obstacles. That’s visible in other maps, but FR24 makes it obvious.

I like both web pages. I like SkyView. I like the FR24 app. I like that the feed to both servers is easy, whether I personally use the data or not.

I haven’t figured out which features are added with my subscriptions. I found “RADAR” in FR24. The things I’ve located in FA don’t seem important to me, but I’ve only been at this for a short while.


Follow steps 1 through 6 in attached screenshot.
EDIT: In Screenshot, my station is wrongly shown as CYYZ-9. It should be T-CYYZ9

EDIT: In Screenshot, my station is wrongly shown as CYYZ-9 . It should be T-CYYZ9

That doesn’t work for me. I must have another flag, somewhere.
edit: I see forum postings saying that the radar filter is unusable for this

If I put in cyyz-9, it says the filter is applied, but all aircraft still appear.
If I put in T-cyyz9 it blanks all aircraft, even when I search and pan around cyyz.

It is the same for my radar, using T-KSTS12 (no aircraft shown) or KSTS12 (all shown)

|FR24 Link:|Connected via UDP|
|FR24 Radar Code:|T-KSTS12|
|Aircraft Tracked:
(ModeS & ADS-B) |15|
|Aircraft Uploaded:|11|
|Receiver:|avr-tcp, Connected|
|MLAT running:|YES|

The filter Radar used to work in past, but now after seeing your post, I checked and found that filter Radar no more shows any planes. :frowning:


I also feed opensky network, and see only my planes on this Web page. Anyone else can can also see it. Try it.


(Move map to Toronto, Canada, IF not already there)


Be aware data usage by opensky network seems to be much higher than flightaware // fr24 // planeplotter.
Haven’t checked in detail though.

Since I have an unlimited usage plan, I never thought of this aspect.

If this true, then we need to know how much higher. This is important for those who have limited usage plan. Is there a way to monitor daily or monthly usage of each feeder individually?

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