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How to share data to FR24 using flightaware feeder?

Hi, this is my first topic

My name is Nelson, I’m from Colombia, and I have a FR24 receiver, but one moment to another the equipment it’s not receiving info from airplanes, I’ve try to other antenna and the failure continues.

I asked the support team for help and after completing the requested tests, they asked me to send the receiver back, but I must send it at my expense and then they refund the money, but it is very expensive and with this COVID-19 issue it is difficult to carry out shipments because we are quarantined.

In view of all this, I’ve made the decision to use the receiver provided by flightaware, but I need to know how programming the flight feeder orange from Flightaware receiver to can share data to FR24. I’ve try to put in the scrip but I can’t 'cause I need a password to can log in on the maintenance function.

Anybody know this pass that I needing, or another method to can programming this receiver?

Best regards,


Sorry to hear about this difficulty. We would prefer that you not modify your FlightFeeder.

As far as I know Flightfeeder has the decoded data available at ports 30005 (beast) and 30003 (avr) formats, and Flightaware allows users to feed this data to any other site. @esmathews to please confirm if my statement is right or wrong.

If my above statement is correct, then you can still feed FR24 from Flightfeeder without any modifications to Flightfeeder, by using another computer such as Raspberry Pi or a Linux Desktop connected to same network/router, and installing fr24 feeder on this RPi/Desktop. The fr24 feeder should be configured to pull data from Flightfeeder through the network/router.