Multiple feeding on RPi

Hi everyone!
I’m new to the forum…
I’d like to know if it’s possible to use a Raspberry Pi to feed on both FR24 and Flightaware simultaneously.
I have a RPi3 with Raspbian Jessie (pixel) and a NooElec NESDR Mini 2.


hi, and why not? currently I feed fr24 flightware planefinder and planeplotter and have another dongle for Acars all together on rpi 3 and all works fine.

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that’s nice to know :smiley:
I have installed both “clients” on my RBPi but only Flightaware works properly, Fr24feeder remains connected to the “service” (the site shows it connected H24) but it doesn’t feed anything. Do i have to do something particular in order to get them working correctly??

My advice is to stay with a “neutral” distribution image, install latest dump1090 mutability, and then just add the feeders that you like.

I use DietPi for a very lean distribution, but NOOBS / Raspbian should work just as well.

Then install dump1090-mutability, check that it works and provides raw data on port 30005.

Now you can install all the different feeders you like. Don’t let any one of them take over the decoding, just direct them to localhost:30005 for data.

This will provide the most flexible receiver setup, without too much dependencies on the different sites own software.


It sounds like you have configured the wrong port and or data format in fr24feed.

Post your fr24feed.ini file.

I’ve just finished to reinstall everything and following your instruction I finally managed to get them work simultaneously. Everything seems to work fine :smiley:
In the next few days i’ll keep an close eye on them to see if there’s something wrong.

Thanks a lot!

My guide using the lastest PiAware image: … -data.html