Set up raspberry pi

I am looking to set up a rasberry pi with FlightRadr. Has anybody done this before? Which model of rasberry pi would be best?

Any of the Raspberries can be used. Most of the feeders here and in this discussion board are home made.
It depends on how cheap they are in your area right now. The best value here in Germany is currently the Raspberry 4B with 2 GB RAM.
Even the Raspberry Zero would work, but i would prefer the larger models.

As a beginner the easiest way is using the Flightaware preinstalled image.
You can follow the Flightaware instructions here:

PiAware - build your own ADS-B ground station for integration with FlightAware - FlightAware

Once you are getting more familiar, you can add further Feeders to it like Flightradar24, ADSBExchange etc, but i would start with FA first.

And also later you can decide wether you want to create it by yourself on top of a running operating system. This would give you more flexibility than using the FA image.

But as a beginner i would use the image. That’s what i did two years ago.

Be aware that additional hardware (Antenna, USB Stick, Cables) are required.

As you want to feed Flightradar24, easiest for you will be to use their image:
Sticky: 2019 - PI24 (Image) QuickStart Guide


Build your own ADS-B receiver - Pi24 client for flight tracking | Flightradar24 lists the requirements. Any further questions you may have would be better directed to FlightRadar24’s own forum,, rather than here on FlightAware (unless you intend to also feed FA and have questions directly related to the FA feed.)

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Welcome to the forum @Carol43Simmy.

Given the minimal difference in price of the different models, the Pi4B-2Gb is the logical choice.
It does run a bit hot though and benefits from one of the heatsink cases.

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