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Look at the flight history. Maybe you should ask him yourself if you have doubts.

And yes this was his old Beecher.



Champion Air N856MJ now back at SVH, and I’m assuming with a new paint job based on earlier posts here.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N856 … /KBUF/KSVH

Pending a number change to N3DE - quite fitting, considering.


Just saw this on Beechcraft’s facebook page, thought it might be of interest -

We’re proud to announce NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Martin Truex Jr. has signed an order for the Hawker 400XPR upgrade package, making him the first NASCAR driver to select the 400XPR. Martin recently purchased his first business aircraft – a Beechjet 400A – and his upgrade will combine the superior aerodynamics of genuine Hawker winglets with the increased power of new Williams International FJ44-4A-32 engines, along with a refurbished interior and new exterior paint. You can see Martin starting on the front row of this Sunday’s Daytona 500.

facebook.com/Beechcraft/pho … =1&theater


Thought I’d mention a few things, that may or may not have been posted about:

Carl Edwards has had N54FL for several months now. Can’t find a pic of it. N573CM has been sold.

Matt Kenseth has had N319VP for months too. Can find pics of it in old paint. N170MK has been sold.

N331CR of RCR has been sold. This N number is reserved - anyone know if they’ll replace this?
registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … &x=18&y=22

I believe that Richard Childress has changed N38MJ back to N3RC. Blocked from tracking.
registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … &x=11&y=15

I also found N1S of Sunoco Fuel, and N500VA of ISC / Martinsville Speedway (listed as Weatherball Aviation), based at Blue Ridge.

Also, I reckon I spotted N500PR on FlightRadar24 after the Daytona 500. Though it didn’t show on FlightAware, I could see it travel to Statesville, then on to New Castle, DE. First time I’d seen it show up.


New paint on N141SH



Does anyone know what Chip Ganassi and Michael Waltrip are flying in these days?


Chip Ganassi - Cit X N750XX
Michael Waltrip - CRJ-200 N155MW and EMB-120 N16731 (both are for sale.)


Champion Air


N695BK now has N560MT on reserve = Martin Truex Jr.



EMB-135 for RCR


Greg Biffle’s king Air 90 [flight]N909DK[/flight]


So when N480JJ crashed on landing back in 2011 did Jimmie keep the same plane after it was repaired or did he get something else? Does he still have the same G150? Thanks.


That airframe was written off and sold for parts I believe. He replaced it with another G150 and uses the same N480JJ registration now.


Lots of changes to the Penske fleet so far this year. Here’s what I’ve spotted so far:

N500RP: 2006 G450 model was sold and replaced with a 2013 G150, N806GA. Renumbered back to N500RP.
N1RP: Not sure what happened to the Bell heli but this N number now belongs to a 2013 G550, prev N458GA. Anyone know about the Bell?
N501RP: 2006 G150 was renumbered to N290GA, and N501RP is currently reserved.
N502RP: no change to the 2006 G150.
N503RP: 2006 G150 was sold and became N215GA. 2013 G150 N907GA was purchased and renumbered back to N503RP.
N504RP: no change to the 1989 Cessna 650.
N457GA: no change to the 2006 G450.
N500PR: no change to the 2003 CRJ-200.

N208GA is registered to a bank but its flight history sure looks like Penske. Anyone know?


Changes probably due to this.

Here is the Bell


Anyone know about N38KW? It’s been flying the circuit lately.


Anyone know of aircraft used by Sponsors that attend races every now and then? I don’t have many on my list yet:

N777B of Brandt Agriculture
N97NP of Nationwide Insurance
N320BP of Bass Pro Shops
Menards have a large fleet based in WI, but they don’t attend races often
Lowes have a fleet of blocked jets based at SVH.

There must be others that make appearances from time to time.


Paul Menard’s dad John Menard quite often goes to the races. N585M Citation X based out of Eau Claire, WI.


Dang! :smiling_imp:


Is this Chase Elliott? He needs to get a jet! Maybe he’ll now be spending time in Mooresville and fly with the team every week.