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Nascar Airplanes


Don’t know if this is posted elsewhere in this topic, but while messing around in google maps today, I discovered that it was a NASCAR weekend at Texas Motor Speedway for the images that are posted. You can see the NASCAR airforce at Alliance, the haulers in the infield at the garages, and some of the cars.


Anyone else see this?

flightaware.com/live/flight/N24J … /KGYH/MMTO

Probably because of this…


How do the TV crews and talent travel to the races? I know some of the presenters have their own jets, but I’m assuming that the core crew fly commercial and use rental cars?


I’m sure most all fly comercial. Very few TV people have a plane.
DW, Rusty and Dale Jarrett are probably the only ones with a jet.


NASCAR charters a 737 every weekend for media/low budget teams, right? If they live in the Charlotte area, maybe they take that?


I see one of the Hendrick planes (N511RH) is in the Bahamas. Maybe a trip for all the 48 crew to say job well done?


These are independent charters where everyone pays for their own seat(s) basically.


Just a couple of questions about the Penske Racing fleet, since they’re all blocked.

I’m guessing N500RP and N1RP are Roger’s main form of transportation. And if N500PR is the main team transporter, what are N501RP, N502RP, N503RP and N504RP used for? I’m assuming they are also used for Penske Corp purposes as well.

And are they all based at New Castle Airport, Delaware? Do they ever fly to SVH or JQF?


All the Penske racing teams are based out of the Penske shop in Mooresville. Nascar, Indy Car, Grand American ect. So N500PR might be based out of Delaware but most trips are to and from Concord NC. I’m guessing those other planes are for his businesses… He has something like 20,000 employees worldwide. So I guess he has to fly some of the bigshots in those planes. LOL

Brad Keselowski’s pilot and spotter Joey Meier has posted on this forum before. He doesnt fly for Penske but maybe he’ll fill us in on Penske Aviation.


A few of the teams and drivers flew to Smyrna, TN this week. Anyone know what they were there for?


Testing at Nashville Superspeedway.


New Paint?


The facility where N141SH was at in Centralia, ON now has another E145; N856MJ, this one is now registered to Champion Air.



Danica uses JetEdge International. https://www.flyjetedge.com/nascar-star-danica-patrick-races-through-the-sky-with-jet-edge-international/


Is this Truex’s new ride? His old one looks like it might be a med-a-jet now?



What makes you think this is Truex’s plane? He never had one before that I am aware of. He either chartered or shared rides with other drives. Do you have anything that backs your assumption up?


Looks like he purchased it last week. Does that mean he will be selling his King Air (N550SW)?


Matched Newmans comments on twitter for catching a ride with Truex.

Also looked like Gordon was on this one according to his Twitter.


I’d say you’re right. Earlier he posted on Twitter that he was going to the team shop in Denver Colorado and this plane was just there. I’m almost positive he had a Beechjet last year but I can’t remember the N number…?

They’re always posting pics of their dog in the plane.


N241TR was his old Beech.