NASCAR in Las Vegas

does anyone know if the NASCAR Airforce flies into LAS, or do they go to a satelite airport for this weekend?

Yes they do LAS I believe is the most popular.

I don’t see anything yet at KLAS or KVGT. How soon before the race do they arrive ?

qualifying for the cup race is friday night, so i would figure most activity tomorrow afternoon.

I seen N400RY headed to SLN, A common fuel stop on the way out west, so some are on there way. Tony Stewart (N500TS) mention on a radio show he was in Texas until tomorrow then headed out, and Kurt (N200KB) also mentioned not headed out until late Thursday evening. I am sure most is Thursday.

Dale Jarrett flew into KLAS on Tuesday … /KEWK/KLAS

Carl Edwards flew into KVGT today … /KCEZ/KVGT

As I write this, Bobby Labonte is en route to KLAS … /KEWK/KLAS

I am guessing there will be a lot more activity tomorrow.

One of the Evernham planes also arrived today (well is landing as I type this)

Technical Question here.

Why can N500PR make it non Stop to LAS, vut N155WM is having to stop in TUL? Both are CRJ 200’s, should they not have the same range?

Could be picking someone up…

Stopping to get a case of that GREAT low point beer, only found in OK…

TUL is just a fun place to land…

He is stopping to visit the “Big Bronze Hands” and join Richard Roberts in the prayer tower to pray for the race @ ORU (Oral Robers University)…

Decided to drop a few bucks at one of the many Indian casinos in and around Tulsa…

Wants to see how construction on the “iconic” BOK Center (new arena in Tulsa, point of much debate locally) is going…

Just seemed like the thing to do at the time…

You forgot, play a quick round at Southern Hills CC!

Damn…I knew I forgot something!

is there a wqay to track multiple flights on one screen? for example all the nascar teams leaving jqf & svh headed for las vegas.

According the postings in the forum and the questions/answers, both of which some people search before asking questions, **no. **

Fair warning Pik, we’re probably coming to Tulsa for the PGA!

KLAS: ? (maybe not)

Nice…my best friend (also the moron in the cube next to me) is volunteering for it.

We were talking about the PGA Championship today and I found out that SHCC is closing the course June 1 to EVERYONE. Members are pissed, big time.

I had my fill of the working golf tournaments in 01 when the US Open was here. That week of 18-22 hour days sucked because we could only work at night, plus we had 3 other events going on at the same time around Tulsa.

Anyone hazard a guess to this odd routing?

It’s a latitude/longitude, probably for the starting point of the flight. This implies that the flight was flown direct.

Braum’s cheeseburgers and milkshakes!

Cheeseburgers, HELL NO. Not a big hockey puck fan. Milkshakes, OH YEAH!