NASCAR Planes from DAB


I was tracking some of the Nascar drivers leaving DAB, and I was wandering if they keep full time pilots on staff year round. If so are the pilots retired or are the wealthy enough to work when they feel like it. Thanks for the info.


Some of those would be charter flights, while some aircraft are owned by the various teams and employ full time pilots. They work their A^$ off during the race season. They don’t just fly to the races but also during the off weeks they fly between the team HQs and the various race tracks with drivers, mechanics etc. for testing.


One for instance is N797KB who I suspect will be changing callsigns soon to something like N2??.


Many, but not all, of the drivers have full time salaried pilots. Most of the teams have flight departments. The team flight departments usually have a corporate jet to fly the big wigs around, and one or more “team” planes to fly the crew around (the most common is the EMB120).
We don’t work much in December or May, but the rest of the year gets a little hectic, especially from June to October.
Hope that helps


Thanks for the info. I take it from your message that you work for a Nascar team, if you can say which one?


I fly for a driver, but I’d rather not say who.


WOW, man that is prett cool!! I live here in southern MS, so there are a lot of Nascar fans here. How did you go about getting a gig like that? I am not a pilot, I just like everything aviation. Thanks for the info.


I live near Mooresville, NC (near the shops), and knew someone that knew someone, that’s pretty much a requirement to get in the door (true for shop/pit crew members too). Of course, you also have to be qualified.

I actually wasn’t a fan before getting into it, but I am now. I’m having more fun than I’ve ever had at a flying job.


From your AVATAR, I’m guessing you fly the “driver” around in a twin-J from race to race, as well as promotion to promotion. Any thoughts as to whether some of the NASCAR people are blocking tail numbers more often now? (assuming you chat it up at the FBO’s with your compadres.) Enjoy your May vacation!!


Yep, that’s an actual photo of our bird (LJ-31A). we don’t block the tail number, and the sense I get is that most don’t. There are a few that I know do. I’ve alway thought it was asking for trouble putting such obvious tail numbers and logos on the planes. It’s just a matter of time before someone breaks a static wick of Jr’s plane for a “souvenir.”

Looking forward to a week of camping & fly fishing with my 2 sons next month (and maybe I’ll tackle that mountain of paperwork that’s taking over the hangar office).


dylancannon wrote:

Looking forward to a week of camping & fly fishing with my 2 sons next month (and maybe I’ll tackle that mountain of paperwork that’s taking over the hangar office).

Good to see you have your priorities straight (the paperwork can wait, the boys can’t!!) Have fun! :smiley:


Yes, you have to spend time with the sons! You don’t want them falling under the spell of bad influences.

I’m here to tell you that I didn’t spend half enough time with mine when he was growing up.

And now… he’s a professional pilot! :wink:




JHEM wrote:

I’m here to tell you that I didn’t spend half enough time with mine when he was growing up.

And now… he’s a professional pilot!

See James, be careful what you wish for…sometimes you get it! :laughing: BTW didn’t you also say your DIL is also a pilot and an ATP? (or have I confused my fellow FA friends with each other?..if so, please disregard last transmission)


The confusion arose at MY end, not your’s.

Yes, DIL is also a pilot, CFI, etc., and while she’s passed her ATP written, she hasn’t hit the magic hours yet. My mistake.

But, she’s a terminally cute Irish redhead, so I forgive her. :wink:

When she was instructing out at 36U in UT she had a student who was almost apoplectic to see his wife awaiting his return from a class. In an explanation interrupted by a lot of ummmms and errrrs, he attempted to advise my DIL that a) he had somehow failed to avise his wife that his instructor was a woman and b) more importantly, failed to tell his wife that his instructor was a very attractive woman!

He somehow managed to convince my DIL to not only taxi the aircraft into the hangar, but to stay there until he had jumped out and shepherded his wife away!

Russ McDonald ( … story.html) has had her up in his P-51 Mustang, a ride my son would kill for!

Russ was a bit chagrined and disappointed after an extended UA performance in the Mustang to see her smiling at him in his rearview mirror!

My boy done good!





…I’m still bitter about not getting the ride in the mustang. Dammit…


Mustangs are nothing but 100% fun to fly in. Been in 2 different ones. Both raced at Reno for some time. One was Georgia Mae (chopped wings, etc), the other was Jeannie Too, which was 100% stock, imitation guns and everything.


My initial Mustang ride came when the machine and I were both about 15YO.

It belonged to the NJ CAP Wing CHAPLAIN of all people.

I gleefully accepted the offer of a ride after achieving something I’ve now forgotten, probably another stripe, unaware that the Reverend’s clerical collar was fairly new and something acquired AFTER he had been the scourge of the USAAF during WWII.

Folding my 6’4" framework (I didn’t top out at 6’6" until I was 16!) into the jumpseat of his otherwise unmodified aircraft took almost as long as the flight.

I don’t remember a lot from the flight after the first loop, other than a desire to see my dear old mother… NOW!

The good Rev had a chuckle at my expense and as a reward for not having soiled his cockpit, or myself, I was the recipient of several more rides over the years.

He kept it at TEB parked right next to Arthur Godfrey’s DC-3, another aircraft we Cadets often got to ride in.




The best flight was around the BFL area. The pilot, John “Putter” Putman, decided to do some canyon running nd when that was done, he decided to buzz the “German convoy” below us on I-5. We actually dropped the gear and flaps and seeing some of the truck drivers do double takes as we SLOWLY went by was priceless. Of course, him having good friends in the FAA in BFL, he didn’t get in any trouble for it.

Another nice surprise was my wife (fiancee at the time) convincing my FIL and getting Ike Ennis to roll his Mustang (“Miracle Maker”, I think is the name) down to my FIL hangar as a decoration for my reception dinner before my wedding. MY WIFE RULES!!!


I am currently a helicopter pilot in Law enforcement, dual rated in fixed wing also, looking to retire within the next couple of years. What is the best to maybe hook up with a NASCAR team. Thanks for any info.