holy cow look at KDAB , a bunch of nascar people going there already for daytona 500 :wink: i was lookin at KDAB and noticed all the nascar planes coming and going lol


They are there for one of the test sessions. All NASCAR series Cup, Busch, and Truck all get testing dates for the next couple of weeks. DAB will be a busy place. So will I-95 with all the haulers going between Charlotte and Daytona.

You can uses these dates to plan your tracking:

Jan. 8-10: NASCAR Nextel Cup, first session
Jan. 12-14: NASCAR Craftsman Truck (all trucks)
Jan. 15-17: NASCAR NEXTEL Cup, second session
Jan. 19-23: NASCAR Busch Series (two different sessions)


Yeah. They’re not there for the 500 yet. They’ll fly back-and-forth several times before mid February, with the test sessions, appearances, the Bud Shootout, and Speedweeks (which is one hell of a good time, if you ever get the chance to “camp” in the infield for the week :wink: ).

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