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Any idea on N800TH? Possibly Timmy Hill? Just wild guess…


Any idea on N800TH? Possibly Timmy Hill? Just wild guess…

LLC comes up to This and assume goes with This


What does Michael Waltrip fly around in these days? N1MW is long gone, and I doubt he uses the team airplanes when he is doing non-team related things, like doing TV for the truck races.


181ea still hauling Carl around. He gonna get this one or a brand new one or is he waiting on his credit check? What is Jeff Burton riding in now?


Hi again. I have a question regarding Champion Air/DEI. What race teams do they fly? They’re flat out flying multiple trips every weekend so I assume they have regular customers. And is there any reason why they’re based at SVH instead of JQF?


I have seen pictures on Red Horse Racings Twitter acct as the race day crews board N500DE and N138DE ’ twin Emb 145’s.

I believe it was mentioned here that they charter these aircraft for various race teams. I would assume they fly Earnhardt Ganassi teams since Theresa still own’s the #1 of McMurray, but these aircraft are still owned by DEI, not Ganassi.

As for there Hanger based at SVH, it appears they have a fairly new hanger they keep the Lear 31, 145’s, and i see Brad K’s Lear 45 in there often.

As well SVH is closer to DEI HQ, and many Mooresville team shops.


Looks like a CJ1 took Carl this week. N54FL.


Guessing N54FL is Carls new 525B. N400SN has been reserved for a new tail number and N54FL is Serial Number 400 from Cessna.




G450 for NASCAR N500N


I believe this is the second time N500N has been a G450.

I am amazed how often NASCAR Inc changes aircraft.


very weird. Right now FA shows n8JR en route to statesville. 2nd time I have seen it in last week


MK Aviation’s new ride?


Did no one fly their own plane out to Vegas for the awards ceremony? I only see Harvick. It looks like one of the Hendrick planes is in route right now…


Jamie McMurray did [flight]N1JM[/flight]


Who invited him??? I kid I kid. Wow that bird can fly nonstop to Vegas!!!


If you look at the track history of N1JM, it flew from JQF to SVH before it made the trip to Vegas. I’d be willing to make a small wager that a small group of drivers “borrowed” the X for the nonstop capabilities & shared the costs. Just my $.02.


Is Biffel using 79XL ? I see it went to Olympia from Vegas then to SVH


did Montoya sell his Lear?


Anyone else see this?

flightaware.com/live/flight/N24J … /KGYH/MMTO


Its listed FOR SALE. I’ve noticed that he’s been flying commercial
to all his Penske tests. Maybe with the short Indy Car schedule and I’d say
lower pay he is ditching private planes?