Missing Aircraft

I am looking for a 2004 AMD Alarus CH2000 last seen at American Falls Airport, Idaho. Tail # N652AM Any information regarding it’s location please contact me. Thank You.

John Paul Hazen

Transportation Security Inspector

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Transportation Security Administration

State of Idaho

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Stolen aircraft are not as rare as one might think, but are almost always considered a ‘big deal’, even if it is just a hunk-a-junk alarus.

Hadn’t heard of this type of aircraft so I did a search on it. The website is located at newplane.com/amd/amd/products/ch2000.html

Here’s an article on the missing aircraft.

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Any idea on the recovery rate? Unless you change the registration number, the aircraft would be recognized pretty quickly, I would think…

If a thief wants to remain incognito a few mylar decals can change the visible registration in a few minutes. If N385JM flies into Back Swamp County airport for fuel is the line guy going to question it? Unlikely.
A thief would be incredibly stupid to use the stolen aircraft’s N-number in ATC communications. Simple enough. I used to know a guy who flew his Champ all over the east coast many years ago and always used a buddy’s n-number on the radio. His buddy only caught on when he started getting landing fees in the mail! (I do not endorse this sort of activity.)

I’ll keep my eyes out for it. Chances are the theives flew it to a private strip and repainted it. Any idea where an identifying serial number can be seen from outside the plane, and what that number would be?

Maybe there’s a serial number on the tail. Beech aircraft have this feature - not sure how many other manufacturers do this.

I think most aircraft have a data plate visible somewhere on the exterior, though sometimes they are hidden inside a doorway opening or panel.

And no, I have not found regulatory evidence backing up my claim.

The requirements of the display of an aircraft data plate are found here: CFR Title 14, Part 45.11
Which basically states that:

the aircraft identification plate must be secured to the aircraft fuselage exterior so that it is legible to a person on the ground, and must be either adjacent to and aft of the rear-most entrance door or on the fuselage surface near the tail surfaces.

I would really be mad if my airplane was stolen. If there is anything I can do to help let me know.

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Do they make “The Club” for planes?

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