**1974 Cessna 210L **

Stolen from Fullerton Airport, Ca. Sunday September 2nd.

Best of luck to you!

With times being what they are, I wonder why this would not be a high priority for Homeland Security, FBI, FAA etc. That said, any chance this plane was used for collateral and perhaps repossessed? If not, I wish you the best of luck in getting your plane back.


It’s not a priority because it’s not a stolen airplane.

It is a partnership dispute. The airplane is apparently on a part 135 certificate. It was used in a public charter as recently as July 2012.

Ownership changed in june 2012, and one must wonder if all of the principals of the former owner agreed ith that transfer.

There is a long post on the AOPA boards where the poster here talks about the airplane binging in Corona. If he knows where it is go get it. The reason why he can’t is because the other person has a legitimate argument. Plus the airplane on charter is described as being based in corona.

There is a lot more here than a simple stolen aircraft . . . .If this is an airplane on charter you cannot simply and easily change owners and still do the charter business. . .

If a car is stolen and the police know here it is, they go get it. There are no detectives or proper channels. . . . It seems obvious to anyone with half a brain that there is more going here than a stolen airplane . . .

To bad. They seem like good people with a good business. Hope it gets worked out.