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For Beginners - Howto Set Receiver Location

(1) While logged-in, Go to your Flightaware stats page by clicking following link


(2) Click the gear icon at top-right corner of stats (as pointed by arrow in screenshot below)


(3) On dialouge box opened, click “Configure location” button


(4-a) Option-1: You can set location by dragging the marker.
(4-b) Option-2: You can enter the Latitude and Longitude manually. Click radio button besides Option-2 to open manual entry dialouge box.



Set Location - 4


(5) Set Antenna height


This doesn’t seem to work. I have tried this several times but my location keeps showing up as a nearby airport in skyview.

Have you restarted piaware?
A reboot is the simplest solution.

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Thanks!! That worked. It took a few minutes, but now it’s correct.


Can you remove coordinates and go back to an estimation?