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PiAware 3.8.1 incorrect map location, incorrect ground elevation

I have just completed an install from source on a Pine A64. All functionality appears to be working correctly, with the following 2 exceptions:

  1. The SkyAware map shows the receiver location as being about 50 miles north of it’s actual location. The location is manually set in the dump1090-fa configuration and in the Feeder Stats page settings. It appears correctly on the ADS-B Feeder Statistics page. The receiver does not have a GPS connected. Is there some place to manually set the SkyAware map receiver location?

  2. On the ADS-B Feeder settings for this feeder, I manually entered the antenna height above sea level. The antenna height displayed for the receiver is correct - 10ft. However, Ground Elevation, which I did not enter shows 4,334 feet. This makes no sense because the antenna is physically located at 10ft AMSL. Seems to me, ground elevation should be the same as the antenna height in this case. Is there a way to change this setting?

Thanks in advance,


Skyaware normally gets position information from Flightaware(It can be over written in the config file).
Have you restarted piaware so that the information is downloaded from Fligthaware?

Ensure that your location information is correct. If can be out when converting from degrees minutes seconds to degrees decimal.

Which feeder has an issue? I see that you have more than one.

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I’ll restart the receiver again to ensure that it is sync’ed with Flightaware.

The receiver with the issue is site 129832, running PiAware 3.8.1. The other receiver is working fine.



Turns out it was an I/O error - idiot operator. I had entered the lat as 49.xxx instead of 48.xxx. I had overlooked that all morning as I was reviewing settings. Everything is working correctly now.