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Another MLAT problem

I set up my RPI 3 4GB yesterday using the pro stick plus and fresh copy of piaware. MLAT was working fine then however now it says it is not enabled. Two things are different from yesterday. 1. I set it up initially at work so I put the lat/long/height for my work address, also the initial SD card corrupted so I replaced it with a SanDisk one. Today I put the fresh copy of Piaware on my new SD card, I updated the lat/long/height for my house in my account and set everything up the same as I did yesterday, however MLAT will not enable. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Did you add your old feeder id to the new image, currently you have one site that is not feeding data.

I don’t believe so, I just started it up, plugged in the prostick and went. I tried using the claim link but it isn’t working.

Well connect with SSH and check it out.

You’re the man, thank you!

What model is this? I thought the V3 is available only with 1 GB

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Sorry it was a typo, model 4, 4gb