MLAT Enabled but No MLAT

Since upgrading to 3.0.5 via the FA website (My ADS-B) I see that MLAT is enabled but there is no mention of being synchronised to surrounding receivers and I no longer receive MLAT aircraft on my map? Anyone else noticed this?

I have 4 running fine on 3.0.5
Check the usual suspects
Mlat is enabled
Location is correct
There are enough receivers in the area
Try a restart

check your location coordinates and wait a couple of minutes, maybe one hour

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See the anomaly report; you have unstable synchronization.

You seem to have swapped hardware around a bit; what did you change on the 6th, because that’s when it looks like something broke.

I swapped out my original RPi2 for an RPi3 and back to the original RPi2 but only using the same SDCard. After setting the correct IP back into the /boot/piaware-config.txt and rebooted no change to the MLAT status has shown.

So what’s the way forward from here, a new image install? All functions except MLAT are working just fine.

Try a fresh image with your original hardware setup from before the 6th. Synchronization problems usually mean USB noise which is sensitive to exactly how you had everything connected.

Yes, I had to start from the ground up in order to resolve that little anomaly! Thanks guys for you guidance.