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MLAT works sometimes and other times its down

Hello, Im new to using the adsb trackers. Just got mine today. ADS-B works great. I have piaware 5 installed on the raspberry pi zero w with fr24 installed through bash commands. MLAT works sometimes, and i will see an aircraft that it works with but alot of times, it says no clock sync with nearby receivers. Im not sure if this is normal as My area gets new aircraft maybe every couple of minutes, and only every so often does mlat track an aircraft. Thanks in advance.

Looks like it is just poor reception; your site doesn’t seem to have great range and you’re seeing perhaps 20% of the aircraft that nearby sites see.

Mlat needs to see messages from an ADS-B-equipped aircraft to perform clock synchronization. When you have no clock sync, that’s because you’re not hearing a suitable ADS-B aircraft (probably as a consequence of your site’s low range)

so would a better antenna position fix this problem

Try it and see? It will depend a lot on your particular site and what exactly is causing the poor reception.

or a larger, better antenna

my antenna is an indoor antenna on a window sill, so thats probably the issue. Ill look into a roof mounted antenna.