Pi3 FA feed problem


I did the add on to my Pi3 which I’ve installed last Friday. On my Pi I run dump1090 and push the data to PlanePlotter, from where I share it to FR PF and another site.
Next step was to put FA add on to send the data.

flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/fil … _armhf.deb

Everything went fine, I even got email that my Pi was registered with FA.

When I go to My ADSB page I see this info:

Anomaly report for PiAware feeder with a MAC address of xxxxxxx
  1. This feeder last checked in on Friday.
Data Feed: 19-Aug-2016 - 2 days ago
Feeder Check-in: 19-Aug-2016 - 2 days ago
Joined: 19-Aug-2016
Longest Streak: 1 days (19-Aug-2016 - 19-Aug-2016)

Feeder Type: PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 2.1-5
Multilateration (MLAT): Supported / Enabled

No errors during the installation, I can see the data on PP. Right now I see about 200 aircraft picked up by my Pi in the radius of 300 miles.

The box was restarted. Nothing out of ordinary. What else I can check?


Hi first check your location on fa webpage, if not solve the problem, check your password running fa config setup again.

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Well, I’ve uninstalled the software. Downloaded it again. Reclaimed it again and it’s working now.
That is very strange. I have the location, antenna height, password etc. configured properly.
When does the MLAT kicks in? Still showing 0. I’ve upgraded my Pi especially to be able to do MLAT.
At least one problem is over. Now have to check what’s wrong that it doesn’t do MLAT.


After you have configured the location on the stats page, you need to restart piaware (or wait approx 6 hours) for mlat to start up.

Thanks. So I should be able to see it tomorrow morning.

Just checked my statistics. Since yesterday evening everything is working fine. MLAT started working and is synchronized with 53 nearby stations.

So far today since midnight:

Reports Received
ADS-B 56,379
MLAT 64,729
Other 63,077
Total 184,185

Aircraft Seen
ADS-B 668
MLAT 920
Other 144
Total 1,732

Great! Congratulations!