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UDP multilateration traffic not reaching FA servers?

I am and have been feeding four sites, RB24, FR24, FA and ADSBx for many months now but have only just noticed an anomoly reported whereby I am advised that my site;

  1. 100% of UDP multilateration traffic sent by piaware is not reaching the FlightAware servers. Check that any firewalls or routers between your feeder and the internet allow outbound UDP traffic to piaware.flightaware.com on ports 4999 through 9999 (inbound port forwarding is not needed).

Now the only thing I have updated recently on the Pi feed box is the 4->5 update and that was certainly working before that and also I believe for some time after although I can’t be certain.

I have not updated or changed any configs on my router and the three remaining sites seem to report no issues with MLAT so not sure what is going on here?

I reset the Pi earlier today and have just reset the router but the error still shows although I don’t know how long it might be until it might clear.

Strangely looking at my other stats it seems to indicate that MLAT is working as expected because I have the green banner telling me that MLAT is synchronized (supported and enabled with 628 nearby receivers apparently) is showing 364 MLAT aircraft & 49844 MLAT positions so far today and 12,663 MLAT aircraft and 2,044,031 MLAT positions over the last 30 days so something is getting through!

Any idea what I might be seeing here please?

Thanks & kind regards

Talk about timing…on checking after I reset my router but before I pressed send where the error was present after posting the error now appears to have cleared?

Taking a closer look at the hourly collection graph I notice that the red line was at the bottom of the chart and was showing MLAT for the last 24 hours was 0 so I’m going to keep my eye on that.

Hopefully all should be back to normal now but I am still wondering what the problem might have been as all appears fine locally at least?

Router throwing a hissy fit perhaps?

Thanks & kind regards,

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Mine was the same, then a router reset and wallah! fixed, thanks.

(Virgin media)