Anomalies - MLAT not reaching FlightAware servers

Anomaly report for PiAware feeder with a MAC address of b8:27:eb:79:e4:eb:
40% of UDP multilateration traffic sent by piaware is not reaching the FlightAware servers. This may indicate a network problem.

What should I be looking for?

Edit: I have two receivers, but the message is present for only one MAC address. However, if I navigate to the website showing activity on both, neither one shows the normal number of MLAT planes. Hardly any, in fact. The problem seems to affect both of them, even though it’s only telling me about one. Are others seeing a lower than normal amount of MLAT traffic (more than normal other)?

I rebooted both raspberry pi’s and my router, but that didn’t seem to make a difference. I didn’t see anything abnormal in the router configuration screens.

same here must be their end. Lets just sit back and wait :unamused:

OK. Thanks. I’ll just relax, then.

I am having a similar issue, no mlat aircraft showing

normal here now except mlat not showing on my local server yet. Showing sync with 10 others which may be tab low. MLAT sometimes takes while to show on local

I no longer have the anomaly message. However, I’m also not seeing the MLAT planes. I also noticed that the graph “Hourly Collection Graphs” has a precipitous dip for MLAT messages, as expected. Not expected, ADS-B graph also dips significantly. That’s very unusual for this time of day at this location, especially on a Friday.

Odd - I am still not having any love with MLAT…

And it killed my reporting stats for today :smiley:

Sorry everyone, we had a service interruption. It should be OK now.

They’re coming back now.

Yes, confirmed. MLAT is back up…

Bugger. I was on track to hit 1.2 Million position reports today(Friday is the busiest day in NYC).
2 hours without MLAT put a dent into it.