*MLat data not reaching fA Servers* - fA error or my rig?


Hi all,

Dont know if this is an fA wide issue, or just mine in view of my recent changes - but my fA data page shows:

31% of UDP multilateration traffic sent by piaware is not reaching the FlightAware servers. This may indicate a network problem.



Did you open up the ports in your internet router’s firewall?

TCP 1200 for ADS-B
UDP 4999-9999 for MLAT



My rigs currently on a Pi2, with a direct connection to the router.

I dont recall opening those ports, but it’s always worked in the past, do I need to?

I think in this case it was some network issue, as Obj says - that side of things seems fine, just everything else gone to heck! :wink:
(I’ll refit my old antenna, while I get my external one down and sorted).


You usually don’t need to punch holes in the firewall if it’s a consumer router because all the traffic is outbound.

The X% report compares the number of UDP messages sent by fa-mlat-client to the number received by the FA server, it doesn’t know where the traffic is being dropped, just that it is. It is most likely to be a problem with your local router/modem


Hmm interesting. I didn’t see any FA stats until I opened up my firewalls ports. I use a Motorola Modem with a Netgear Wireless router. I opened up the ones listed above. BTW, I thought MLAT was sharing data like a peer-to-peer network so aren’t packets coming inbound as well?

PS. I read this previous forum post and thus that’s what led me to open the ports: post185922.html


The mlat setup is client-server, the data is processed centrally. Results are returned via the existing piaware connection used to upload ADS-B data


Roger that. I deleted the firewall settings from the router and everything appears to be working normally. Not sure why I had issues initially.