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UDP mlat traffic not getting to server

I just noticed an error message that I had not seen before.

My router and firewall allows all outbound traffic. Is the message correct? If so, how do I configure my firewall to allow outbound UDP?

The message is correct in the sense that it’s just reporting what’s actually happening - no UDP traffic is making it to FlightAware. Beyond that, it could be anything between the piaware device and the FA servers that is blocking it.

(nb: the port range is out of date - I have a change pending to fix the message - the correct port range is now 4999 - 19999)

I got the same message today after rebooting my RasPi4 - also don’t recall having seen it before. My router firewall is off, so that wasn’t the issue.

I resolved the problem by rebooting the router - I think I saw that fix in another recent mlat-related thread.

@JRG1956 Thanks for the tip. Rebooting the wireless AP and the router solved the problem.