adsbreceiver + VRS - How to get setup with MLAT

Hi all,

I just installed adsbreceiver on my Pi2. It works as expect but I was wondering the steps to get VRS connected with both the non-MLAT and MLAT data.

Do I still need to setup two receivers in VRS as seen here ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/vrs-show-both-dump1090-adsb-and-fa-mlat-positions-t36086.html

Or just one? Do I just use the VRS wizard which makes the AVR/Beast Raw Feed on Port 30002

I have a few people that feed into my VRS and they are changing to adsbreceiver so I am just looking for the proper setup.


The link provided is how I did it. You need one for ADS-B and one for MLAT.
I have two RPI2s feeding VRS on a laptop(when it is on). so 4 receiver entries in VRS.

yeah I thought with dump1090-mutability you could send both mlat and normal traffic on the same one.

the dump1090 map itself is showing it all.

You could ask OBJ has he wrote the code.
I just copied the setup from the link.

The dump1090 option “–forward-mlat” does that.

(mutability and flightaware versions both have that option)

But you don’t really want to use that if you can avoid it; better to configure two receivers in VRS.

cool thanks for the input 2 feeds it is.

Curious - why is that?

The mlat positions will be transmitted to any other feeder software you are using, and they most likely prefer not to get it. If you have a second receiver set up in VRS, then there is no possibility of the data being erroneously forwarded somewhere it shouldn’t go.

Understood, I was aware of that but was curious whether there was another reason. It remains a simple solution for those that are cognizant of whether the other data consumers can accept MLAT.