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Flightaware to VRS - No MLAT data

Hi all, trying to set up VRS to display my adsb and mlat data from my PI and flightaware stick plus image whilst I’m getting the adsb data to work correctly the mlat just refuses to show no matter what I do

The settings look good.

On the VRS web interface did you select the feed so that it uses that MLAT feed as well?

Can you show the working settings for your ADS-B feed maybe i can spot an error that way.

Yep. Got the merged feed set-up

But as you can see a distinct difference on the maps

In the Merged Feed interface there is an MLAT option, maybe you need that?
(Doesn’t look like it is needed after reading the description on VRS)

If you select only the MLAT feed on the webpage, does it work?

(Not too familiar with VRS but if my suggestions don’t help i hope the screenshots will be useful to someone who is more familiar :slight_smile: )

Ok how about this command on your Raspberry Pi:

piaware-config -showall 2>&1 | grep mlat

The output will tell me if it is correctly configured to provide MLAT data on 30105. (If you didn’t change it in the piaware-config the defaults should work)

Here’s the pi


Sorry no clue why it is not working. Should be in my mind.

What happens when you press the “Test connection” button?
(on both feeds)

A connection can be made with these settings for both feeds

Ok just read http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/Documentation/WebServer/MergedFeedOptions.aspx

It seems it is very necessary to use the MLAT checkbox when you merge the feeds.
Otherwise it will not use positions from the second feed if the airplane was first seen on another feed.

So in the merged feed options click the mlat feeds and make sure MLAT is enabled for it.

That looks more promising now @ wiedehopf thanks for all your help


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Why change it to 30106? Does basestation work better than beast in this application?
Also you should advise changing the format when changing the port.

Apart from that i believe the problem is already solved, seems like VRS “choose” one feed per aircraft when merging them, so when the wrong feed is chosen because the first message comes from the ADSB stream but doesn’t transmit a position, then no position will be displayed.

These are my settings, work fine






I’m using avr/beast raw feed 30105 is working perfectly, so I think I’ll leave all alone now

Flightaware MLAT Feedback DOES identify that it is calculated MLAT. (screenshot 1 below, first column at left)

MLAT = YES is not necessary in this case (screenshot 2 below)




Well it obviously is necessary when you use a raw feed (beast or AVR) :slight_smile:

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That is why I use Basestation format port 30106. It has MLAT identified.

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@abcd567 By the way do you have a list of all the HOWTO threads you have done?

Oblivian already scolded me for using threads from this forum when the same thread was also available over there :wink:

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Yes, I saw Oblivian’s comment this morning about “Do I need A Filter” thread. :slight_smile:

I will have to dig through all Howto’s I have posted, and then prepare two separate lists, one for Howto’s I posted in Flightaware forum AND other for Howto’s I posted in Flightradar24 forum.

You can start a thread on each forum with a list of threads. (This may even make sense to pin as a kind of FAQ)
Anyway it’s not urgent and adding link by link each time you link one of your threads should be perfect.

Too bad the receiver-project seems kind of inactive.

Thinking of making a simpler install script which only gives you graphs and lives in a subfolder so it doesn’t interfere with /var/www/html/
(and some improvements in regards to sd-card wear, not writing the images to disk for example)

This will be great if you can do it.
That is what I am longing for, since a long time.
This should have one more facility: Easy un-install in case someone wants.
The JP’s version is hard to uninstall.

Unfortunately J Prochazka is inactive for almost an year. His script needs serious updates and bug fixing.