Getting VRS to talk to an ADS-B Receiver Project build

Hi folks.

I’m learning, honest I am. I’m trying to find out stuff but sometimes I’m struggling.

I’ve got an XP VM and am playing with VRS. I’ve installed it and have managed to set up one receiver on port 30105 which is showing my MLAT traffic but I can’t seem to set up a second one for the main traffic from my Rpi.

My Rpi has the build from the ADS-B Receiver Project with dump1090-mutability and I’ve set up the four feeders, Fr34, FlightAware, PlaneFinder and ADSBExchange. They’re all working perfectly.

Everything I’m seeing tells me that I should be setting up a receiver in Beast mode, to the IP of the Rpi with port 30005 but every time I do that, I’m getting this error.

My other receiver is identical to that except the port is 30105 and that connects perfectly.

Any suggestions where I should be looking please?


Is the Pi’s IP address correct?

Yes. As I said, it’s connecting perfectly on port 30105, same IP

It sounds like dump1090 is not allowing external connections.
Check the binding info in
or /etc/default/dump1090-fa (Not sure what the FA config file is).

Thank you Jon, that’s exactly what it was!

Now I just need a source of silhouette/flag files to make it look even prettier.


Download and install Basestation software from Kinetic web site. It has Flags and Operator Flags folder, which you can copy-paste into VRS database.

Download installation instructions are here:


If you want silhouette files, there is a whole range of those here:

I’m happy with simple airline versions but if you want individual aircraft with a different silhouette then are available!