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VRS on PiAware

If you are into Virtual Radar Server here is a good tutorial on the set up of the program. I installed it tonight on my PiAware 3.7.1.

This feeds additional info into my ACARS Pi for ACARSDECO2.

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Glad to hear that you liked my tutorial!


I have your page book marked in my web browsers.

I ran this last night just as a test and was pleasantly surprised that my spare Pi3B wasn’t being thrashed anywhere near as badly as I expected. I only installed VRS so there was no local dump1090 installed but I gave it three relatively busy feeders.

Thanks for the useful guide.

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I may copy cat your set up. I have a extra Pi3b

I have VRS running on a separate server from the pi. I’ve never known it to be resource hungry however good internet connections does more. I would advise if your in a high traffic area may cause issues with high cpu demand however. If anyone wants some new nice style logos and silhouettes I have them as well as a decent basestation.sqb which is required unless you have your computer build a new one using the look up. Also, there are some places out there that can also feed data to other feeders. I have some data supplemented to me.



Lots of traffic in you area and I like the flight routes you are displaying. The flags you have look way better than the ones I have. Overall looks great.

Guys, I’m a rank novice at this game, I take it that a Virtual Radar Server, would be for want of a better expression a “Flight Radar 24” type of thing?
I’ve got a FlightAware system up and running but I only see the aircraft that my own RTL1090 has detected, I’d like to see returns from others.
Is the VRS how it would be done?
Do I start all over again by following the " Track aircraft using ADS-B and Virtual Radar Server (VRS) on a Raspberry Pi" tutorial. (A friend installed the software for me) or can I add it to my existing SD card?

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VRS is used to amalgamate multiple receivers into one view or to provide a different view of your setup.
You must have access to receiver/s (your own or friends) to do this.

If you want to see more aircraft, without direct access to other receivers, then you can use the FA app or website.

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