Would appreciate it if someone can check my VRS

Hi folks,

Finally got VRS set the way I want it and on the internet.

I’d really appreciate it if anyone could have a quick look here and make sure it looks OK on either desktop or mobile versions and let me know what you think.




Looks great!


Goods good for me too.

From Down Under to Up Over - looking alright.


Good job!

Thank you all.

Hey, that is a great setup! Nice work!

Did you have do do anything special to get it viewable to other computers on your network and/or put it on the 'net? I am new to VRS and see that there’s a “put onto Internet” button, but that has not done anything when I’ve tried it. Nor have I been able to access it via other devices on the same network. Any expertise you can share would be wonderful! :smiley:

Where did you get those snazzy Flags at? I just have the black outline silhouettes.

What kinda sucks is the Euro Basesation.sqb is easier to get that is accurate and well populated but no american is that I have found. Although I haven’t looked in a while.

The FAA registry is available for download; but have fun converting it to a normalized form…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nothing really fancy. I didn’t faff about with uPnP, I just went into tools/options/web server and ticked the box to put onto the internet at startup, then in my router I forwarded port 18118 over to the PC running VRS. If you’re running a firewall on that PC then you should set an exception for VRS and port 80 but that’s all that’s needed.

I downloaded them from here. You need to register to get them but it’s a quick process.

This is great!

Is it possible to do the same with the local dump1090 map, that can be viewed on the local network from inside the house, to be able to see over the internet?

I have a domain and hosting space, currently only using it from email.
Would love to have a page to view the dump1090 map.

Any pointers on how to do it?

Sweet. I’m in the process of setting mine up too.



It would be the same process of using port forwarding in your router. Just point 8080 (or whatever you have changed dump1090’s web interface to) to the piaware box.