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How to see my live data olutside my local network

My piaware is working fine and I can see my data/graph going to on my local network.
How can access it from outside my network? Using port forwarding? Or it is not possible?


Alex in Scottsdale

It’s possible to expose the web-server port to the Internet so it can be seen by anyone. I’ve tried this and had isses with it exposed, ie. Pi lock-ups. So I now only expose the port to specific IP addresses, for example my IP address at my office. This allows me to see it from there, but only me.

You can forward the port at your router, but I would suggest changing (if not already done) to dump1090-mutability and also install a web server to host the files. Then, the http users are interacting with the http server and not dump1090 directly.

Thank you for your responses, I am new with the raspberry so I will wait to get a little more experience to do what you recommended. :smiley: :smiley:

The great thing about doing this on the Pi (compared to a conventional PC) is that the programs all reside in a memory card, so if you want to experiment and no break what you already have working … you just swap the working card out - you can go back to it in seconds.

Interesting think, can you tell me what is the problem to direct dump1090 interact? Thanks in advanced

A remote user can crash a dump1090 install which is operating with its internal web server.

It’s best to let different things only do what they do best…
Having dump1090 serve http is like hiring a handyman renovate your house. Sure, it will get done, but not everything will be right.
Or get all the correct specialists and make sure everything is done correctly.
In the case of your Pi, all the employees are free…So, why choose the handyman?

One of the easier ways is to you a Web-redirect using one of the “free service” like No-IP.com which lets you have a website name vs a ip address. You will still need to Port Forward on the router but it kinda helps hide it but if some one wants to be a jerk than they are going to anyways.

I have the following set up

Basic Dump1090


And when I have the Computer with the VRS server running I have this one. For whatever reason it always shows the map in England. If you move it over to Chattanooga you can watch what planes my Pi picks up. VRS to show the Operator Flags and Silhouettes you will need to have some additional files. I do not know much about this and still learning but I am happy to help with what I can.


Mr Foxinthehouse:

Thank you for the replay. I am going to try this with my DDNS. You first link worked fine but not the second with number 2.
Now I know it is possible.

Alex in Scottsdale

Hello Foxinthehouse:

My live view is on
But this port is on the PI so I have no idea how to forward port 8080 to another like 2050 or what to do.
I forward to 2050 and of course did not work when I went to mypublicip:2050

Could you share how you did it, please ?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t know your router type, but generally the forwarding is done from the perspective of inbound traffic. So you would request to forward WAN inbound TCP (port 2050) to LAN (port 8080).

Interesting…Still works here at my Job (I actually work at the airport)

Okay in my router I go to Single Port Forwarding Tab. There I put in the info on the Pi as follows

Appliction Name External Port Internal Port Protocol IP Address

Piaware 8080 8080 Both 192.168.1.xxx

VirtualRadar 2222 2222 Both 192.168.1.xxx

This tells my router that any requests for info on Ports 82 and 22 to be directed to the individual IPs.

And on my DDNS account I have what is called a Web -redirect selected. So that the outputted website from either the PI or VRS is your main IP address (router) plus whatever port your using. So, say for instance, your IP was, To access your Pi after Port forwarding (using port 8080) you could access it anywhere by typing In the DDNS you put the "" as the actually URL but re name it using Mask/Cloaking options and Host name and you get what I have.

Man I am bad at explaining this stuff. If you want I be more and happy to Skype and help if you want to get it done.

I prefer to use dynu.com from dynamic ip and config the router DMZ to your pi. Then you can also access the pi via ssh to login from outside.
If you prefer to use single ports, you must forward 22 and 8080 to your local ip.

…or you could try VPN if your home router supports it. My home router supports VPN and then I can connect to any machine on my private IP

Hi Foxinthehouse:

Success, on my linksys router I made the change on the single port forwarding and done.

See it at:

By the way both of your ADS-B links work but one start in Europe, maybe your vacation home on the Alps?

Thank you very much for your help.

Alex :smiley:

No Problem! I have no clue why it does that. I set the location in the options to Chattanooga but still does it.

Holy cow I wish I had as much traffic as you do. I need to get better antenna and cabling. I use my Pi at work to keep an eye out for military planes in the area cause we always have them stop in without notice and a early warning helps out alot!

The one you are serving through resets to over the UK. Maybe you can try setting up the receiver location in VRS although there is a client specific location setting under Menu --> Options


I build my own antenna following the video I found in youtube:

"Making an inexpensive 1090MHz ADS-B collinear antenna"

I nearly double the number of planes I see.

The only thing I bought from Amazon was:
RF coaxial coax cable assembly SMA female to MCX male right angle 6’'
to connect the ADS-B dongle to the cable ( used the coax one left over from a DirectTv installation).
So the whole antenna was like $10.

Thank you again.


I’m trying to publish my data via no-ip pages and I still can’t. Do I have to install anything in the raspberry?