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Remote Access Dump1090

I was wondering if there was anyway to remotely access the Default webpage from another computer. Basically I work at he airport at an FBO and would like to see planes inbound in real time through my own Piaware.

Enable port forwarding on your router to open a port to your RPi.


Be aware that if you enable port forwarding you’re allowing anyone that’s sniffing for open ports to connect to your pi as well. Then if they can get into your pi it’s not terribly complicated to get into other computers on your network.

If you want to do it right, set up a VPN on your router if it is capable and connect that way.

++++ on VPN use!

I run honeypots on my residential cable IP – the SSH honeypot has picked up over 200,000 login attempts since January 1!

I haven’t looked at the dump1090 code to see what the port handling looks like. Obj could opine on the quality of the code far better than I, but I’d suspect the main risk in allowing connections to one of the low-level ports would be that of crashing dump1090.

Later in the year I want to experiment with remote feeds, so I will be looking at some of that code with the goal of recognizing and ignoring crap on a port.


bob k6rtm

If you’re going to allow public access to dump1090’s web interface, change over to dump1090-mutability first. Then, have a real web server (Such as Apache) handle the http server functions. The built-in stock web server has some flaws which can allow a remote user to crash the server.

Yeah, absolutely. The network code is a bit horrible and I really wouldn’t trust it on a hostile network; while the obvious bugs have been fixed it really hasn’t had much review. This is why dump1090-mutability defaults to external webserver + binding to localhost only… so you actually have to do something before it’s exposed :slight_smile:

Also one of the reasons why it does not run as root!!

May I take this opportunity to express my thanks for that bit of work (among all the rest)?
Thanx :slight_smile: