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Sharing PiAware Web Page - Help / Question


Is there any harm is sharing my PiAware web page? As in, opening up my firewall for traffic to the Raspberry Pi to view the dump1090-fa web page?
I’m not seeing any way to change configuration on the PiAware web page so I assume anyone who should stumble across the web page couldn’t change or alter the PiAware configuration? Is that a true statement?

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There is nothing of that sort without risk.

But personally i wouldn’t worry about exposing lighttpd.
Be aware all other sub pages potentially available on the pi like /graphs1090 will also be available at :8080

Thank you very much!


Exposing your PiAware to the internet directly isn’t something we suggest you do.

In the next few weeks we are going to have a software release that should make this a moot point.


Explain what you mean by moot point in this context.

The project’s name is “SkyAware Anywhere”. I’ll be talking about it here, in a newsletter and on social media as we get closer to the release date.


Available soon. Press releases are forthcoming.


This looks really interesting and more secure than opening up the local web server for remote access.

Any more news on this topic? Will this be hosted on the FlightAware site?