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Military tracking issues on VRS

Hi. This evening I have an RAF Typhoon over the North Yorkshire Moors which is tracking fine on skyaware however through VRS the track isn’t as good, and it’s also ‘bouncing’ have I got any settings wrong on VRS? I use format basestation I prefer to use the VRS map if I can as I find the map layout better.


Any chance your VRS receiver selection is pointing to only the adsb feed instead of the combined feeds of adsb & mlat?

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That’s the most likely reason.

It is alwas good to open two ports on VRS for getting ADS-B and MLAT

VRS is open on 30003 and 30106 the feed is then merged

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You have other mlat clients giving you results besides FA? Only FA is on 30106 for others you’d have to check the respective settings.

I only run the piaware client on the SD card I have the adsb feed on port 30003 then mlat on 30106 which are merged on VRS


Instead of lower quality basestation format data on port 30003, have you tried pulling beast raw data on port 30005 for your mode-s/ads-b (non mlat) data. Just change your VRS receiver from “Basestation” on 30003 to “AVR or Beast Raw Feed” on 30005. Then you will be mixing two beast feeds and not trying to mix two different formats.


No, you would be mixing beast ADSB and basestation mlat.
To get a mix of two beast format feeds the mlat port would need to be changed from the basestation port of 30106 to the beast format port of 30105.

Yes, as long as the software supports it, using beast over basestation format data will usually be best. It also makes available some of the more advanced data fields that will not pass through a basestation format feed.

Beast 30005 / 30105 is the normal way to do this. To be honest, I was not even aware that the 30106 basestation mlat port was available. I suppose that helps make it backwards compatible with older software.


Thanks for the help I have switched my feeds to 30005/30105 I’ll see how that goes.

As for positions in the track, basestation and beast should be completely equivalent.

As for MLAT, there isn’t any extra info beyond what you can get via basestation in the MLAT results. So saying it’s lower quality doesn’t make sense.

VRS isn’t very good integrating multiple data sources but at least for MLAT it has an option to mark the MLAT as MLAT, make sure to do that so it can use position data from the MLAT feed and the other data from the regular ModeS feed.

I think you are referring to an option in the merged feeds. Once enabled at least the Linux instances are not running well and crashing frequently:

I installed instances several times on different systems having this symptom: