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I have installed my spare rtl-sdrs and appropriate decoders for these on my Pi and they are receiving and logging lots of stuff but now I am wondering what to do with all this data I’m receiving.

Is there an application that integrates it into the other information about the relevant flights?

What do you guys actually do with it?

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Yeah I read that thanks.

I guess what I was asking is this:

Rather than having to view different things in different places, is there a product that shows all the planes on a map and allows you to select an aircraft (how VRS and SkyView does) with VDL2 and ACARS messages relevant to that 'plane shown in the same place as all the other flight details?

I’ve got it working in PlanePlotter but I don’t like it and don’t want to pay for it.

I’ve got it working in Flight Air Map and I like it much more.

It isn’t quite what I wanted but it is a (free) usable solution.

A bonus is that I discovered some features that I hadn’t found before.

I forgot to say: A big thankyou goes to all the contributors who have posted information here and elsewhere about setting up the various ACARS and VDL2 decoders I’ve been playing with!


On my spare Pi3b I run ACARSDECO2 and just use the interface. I have it monitoring 4 frequencies. I was thinking of flight air maps but I had nothing but failures to get it installed. Unless there is clear concise instructions (A few here has actually had the patients to help me), I will screw it up. I heard that Flight Air Maps works well though.

The main issue with FlightAirMap is that it is very hard on the system.

It is the ONLY thing installed on my Pi 4B Plus 4GB and it is running pretty warm and has already started to slow down.

I’m happy to continue helping you get it working but I wouldn’t bother trying to run it an a lesser device.

Did you have any luck getting vdlm2dec talking to PlanePlotter?

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Well running any kind of load on a Pi4 without a fan is gonna lead to throttling.
Or is it throttling despite a fan?

Yeah, they definitely do run hot. Mine was running 35C above ambient with a bare board, no fan, no load. A case with a fan brought that down to 20C above ambient. (edit: math hard)


Just use them F degrees then :rofl:

With 80mm fan blowing over the bare board from the side, and without. It is only used as a ads-b receiver, but with an airspy mini at 20 MHz.
Ads-b cpu utilisation is around 50%, overall 15%. Ambient temp close to the Pi is 29 C, but it will be considerably cooler as it sits in the attic and outside it is just 12 C. Ok for now, but will definitely need the fan in summer


Well, you can’t call the airspy decoder “just piaware”, or is it really that?

Also an 8mm fan seems very small, maybe you should upgrade? :slight_smile:

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No. I think that if I had set up ACARSDECO2 to no console it would work. Plus I don’t use plane plotter anymore. However, I just downloaded the newest version of Display Launcher and notice the program has a new option called DUMPVDL2 Display. I may set up one of my extra Pis for this.

I just did… :slightly_smiling_face:

I really do not like to type on an iPad :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some good points as always guys.

It isn’t in a case yet - I was gonna get a flirc case 'cos I hate those small fans but unfortunately, they were out of stock so It was laying flat on the shelf.

Measured the temp and it was running at 66 Celsius.

Hadn’t considered that there was no air movement where it was so I hung it up by its cables to allow a bit of convection and it is down to 58 already.

Think I’ll rig up a fan next to it until the case arrives.

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I’ll have a look at that as well. Thanks.

8 or 12 cm computer case fans on 5 V run real quiet.
But you can’t put them in a case obviously.

This one seems to work quite nicely, too.

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I have a small clip on fan cooling my Raspberry Pi

Yeah, our Living Room PC didn’t have any speed controllers for the fans and my wife kept complaining about it so I made some fan speed controllers using the innards of old car cigarette lighter phone chargers.

Why buy new when you can repurpose is my motto.

I found that 6V was a good compromise between airflow and noise. It didn’t just fix the noise from the PC either because WAF was restored.