ACARS + Flightaware

I’m looking for a such software that allows to display ACARS togheter with Flightware map ( or any other feeder). At list, using the same dongle and dump1090-fa, in a separate map.

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You can not use same dongle for both ACARS and dump1090-fa.
You will need 2 dongles, one for dump1090-fa, and other for ACARS

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Hi, @abcd567

Right. Would you suggest a software to get ACARS ?

Thanks !



Automated installation Script on RaspberryPi OS
Stretch / Buter / Bullseye:




Thanks ! I’ll give a trial

Edit: onde more question: 2 dongles on the same rpi ?
If yes, How to separate one dongle for dump1090 and another one for ACARS ?


AFTER dump1090-fa & AcarsDeco2 both have been installed, do following:


Serialize dump1090-fa dongle to 8-digit serial number 00001090
Serialize Acars dongle to 8-digit serial 00000130


Configure dump1090-fa config for it’s dongle’s serial number by following command:

For Piaware SD Card image:
sudo piaware-config rtlsdr-device-index 00001090

For package install of dump1090-fa on RaspberryPi OS image:
sudo sed -i 's/^RECEIVER_SERIAL=.*/RECEIVER_SERIAL=00001090/' /etc/default/dump1090-fa


Configure Acarsdeco config for it’s dongle’s serial number by following method:

sudo nano /usr/share/ad2/ad2.conf

The content of this file are:

--freq 131550000
--freq 131725000
--http-port 8686

In this file at top add following line:

--device-serial 00000130

(IMPORTANT: Do NOT leave any blank line at top or between any two lines in this file.)

The file will become like below:

--device-serial 00000130 
--freq 131550000
--freq 131725000
--http-port 8686

Save file (Ctrl and O Keys) and Close file (Ctrl and x Keys)




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Thanks a Lot !!!
I’ll give a trial

Hi, @abcd567

Installed but, no data. See the enclosed.

Forget it


In file usr/share/ad2/ad2.conf use Acars frequencies which are used in your region/country. You can find these frequencies by Google search.

By default, following 2 frequencies are specified in config file.

sudo nano usr/share/ad2/ad2.conf 

--freq 131550000
--freq 131725000
--http-port 8686


After editing above file, save file and reboot Pi.


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It’s working now. Thanks again !
BTW, I’ve installed in my Orange PC +

Glad to know that. :+1:
Is it working on frequencies which were there by default at installation, or you had to add / change frequencies?


Which OS you have installed on your Orange PC +

Default frequencies, no changes.

Os Orange pi pc + bullseye

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pi@piaware:~ $ acarsdeco2 --help

AcarSDeco2 v.20181201
Program options:
  -h [ --help ]         This help message
  --device-list         List available SDR devices
  --device-index arg    Select SDR device (default: 0)
  --device-serial arg   Select SDR device by serial number
  --gain arg            Set preamp gain of receiver, dB (default: auto)
  --freq-correction arg Set oscillator frequency correction, ppm (default: 0)
  --agc                 Enable automatic gain control in SDR chip (default:
  --freq arg            Set receiver frequency, Hz
                        Specify option --freq multiple times to multiple
                        channels (Example: --freq XX --freq YY ...)
  --inConnect arg       Input connector. Format: (sbs|ad2):host:port
  --inConnectId arg     Named input connector. Format: (sbs|ad2):host:port:ID
  --inServer arg        Input server. Format: (sbs|ad2):port
  --inServerId arg      Named input server. Format: (sbs|ad2):port:ID
  --inServerUdp arg     Input UDP server. Format: (sbs|ad2):port
  --outServer arg       Output server. Format: (sbs|ad2|pp):port
  --outConnect arg      Output connector. Format (sbs|ad2|pp):host:port
  --outConnectUdp arg   Output UDP connector. Format: (sbs|ad2|pp):host:port 
  --http-port arg       Set port for http server (default: 8080)
  --vrs-url arg         Set VirtualRadarServer url for additional aircraft data
                        Example: (default: off)
  --pictures-url arg    Set aircraft pictures collection url
                        Example: (default: off)
  --pictures arg        Set aircraft pictures collection local path
                        Example: (default: off)
  --silhouettes arg     Set path to directory of aircrafts' silhouettes
  --banners arg         Set path to directory of operators' logos
  --frdb arg            Set path to flightroutes database file
  --db arg              Set path to basestation database file
  --no-uplink           Don't display uplink messages (default: on)
  --no-sq               Don't display messages with SQ label (default: on)
  --no-empty            Don't display empty messages (default: on)
  --logfile arg         Set path to log filename (default: off)
  --logfile-sbs arg     Set path to SBS CSV log filename (default: off)
  --logfile-esbs arg    Set path to extended SBS CSV log filename (default:
  --no-console          Disable logging on console (default: on)

pi@piaware:~ $



Thank you ! I’ll explore this Acars Help. Very useful !

Hi so sorry for bringing up a old thread but was looking for info on the possibility of ACARS and thanks to you you came up in search results online :slight_smile:

One question what are you using for a ACARS antenna if I may ask?
Are you using a 1090 antenna or something like the ACARS/NOAA antenna from Diamond?;