Multiple SDRs with FlightAware

I have 3 rtl-sdr receivers installed on my Pi. I plan on using 2 with FlightAware. For 1090 a ProStick+ and for 978 a NESDR Nano 2. Another Nano 2 will be for a different purpose outside of FlightAware. How do I configure (or verify) that the correct SDR is in use on the correct port?

Thanks for any assistance!

Use this post to set the serial numbers on each dongle.

Thanks for the response. I have the devices serialized. I guess a better question would be were do I set the device/serial # in the dump1090/978 configuration files. I see the configs in /etc/default/ but read to not change them there as they get rewritten.

According to the below post the files in /etc/default/ are the correct ones to modify. I have added the serial numbers to them and rebooted and it looks like everything is working properly.

These commands are for package install on RaspberryPi OS image.

If you have piaware SD card image, the changes you made in files /etc/default/dump1090-fa and /etc/default/dump978-fa will evaporate when you reboot the Pi

The commands for Piaware SD card image are as follows:

If you are not sure which image you have you have, just check the command prompt in PuTTY terminal

If it is a piaware SD card image, the command prompt is:
pi@piaware:~ $


If it is Raspbian image with package install of piaware & dump1090-fa, the command prompt is:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $


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