You're invited


For those of you aviators out there that have an interest in the Helio line of C/STOL aircraft

You can of course stop by here at my Helio hangar and come on board

Free hour of dual…maybe??

This of course is designed as a place for pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and you…Blogs for issues concerning aging aircraft, photos and the like



I’m aboard Steve, thanks.


Much appreciated James, have at it… upload photos, comments and blogs entries

You know the deal


No comprende.


What? don’t you want an hour of dual in a Helio??

Canyon turns extreme slow flight at high alpha

My sense of humor is lacking as of the late


Did you mean no comprendo?


I think he did senor!!

Viva La Raza

que se mejores pronto


iAy Caramba! Mi espanol es muy mal. iDios Mio!


What ever happened to this guy…fell off the face of the Earth on 10/15 … or=mrhelio

Is the shindig still on?


I’ll let you know if I learn anything, he was last on his own site on 16NOV.


He was posting like gangbusters, then disappeared on 10/15 and hasn’t been heard from here since. Thanks James.


Hey, I’m back…got busy with a Helio re-build and I’m in the process of doing paperwork regarding the installation of a Lycoming IGSO-540-B1C (380 HP)…This installation should send the gal into orbit!!!


If I bring my own tools can I play too? :laughing:


Heck yeah!!..bring it on. We have do all the crazy FAA paperwork, then the installation. The existing engine mounts can handle the Lyc and since it is “supercharged” I should get to 31,000 feet no problem.

These engines were used in Aero Commanders and Queen Airs in the 60’s most notably the 680FP and Queen Air 80/88.

Lycoming was modest with the TBO at 1200 hours and I’m pushing it up to 1700 because with proper technique they will do all of that


OK, I’ll stop at Usinger’s on the way up and steal some Brats from Fritzie, you supply the fire! :wink: