Solar Impulse 2 HB-SIB


Anyone tracking this flight? Does it have ADS-B onboard? I’m here in PHX and haven’t been able to hear it on my receivers, and it doesn’t come up on the FA tail search.

Cheers - Jon N7UV


Watching their website

the a/c is slowly losing altitude and hasn’t made good more than a mile to two in the past hour. It’s stuck about 55 statute miles SW of Goodyear airport, which is its intended destination for this evening.

Haven’t heard anything so far on the usual suspect FAA channels
Gila Bend Low
Gila Bend High

but am not hearing any of the same traffic that I’m hearing on the official feed.

Any ideas what frequency they might be on?

Cheers - Jon N7UV


They just said 120.1 I think.

… I think this was for communication with the tower.


Tnx ExCalbr -

I have 120.1 (Goodyear Tower) programmed in as well now. They’re a long way from GYR still. before they cut the cockpit audio on the SI2 site, I was hearing plenty of commercial A/C comms at altitude, so not sure.

Am also listening to PHX TRACON

Cheers - Jon N7UV


There’s a comment section on the website you posted. Maybe you can ask if they’re squawking ADS-B messages, but I bet they’re not if you’re not picking anything up.


I just tweeted the question - let’s see if anyone answers.

Doing much better now - it’s about 5 SM NW of Gila Bend. A ways to go, but looks like less headwind down at 10k.


Has the next stop been decided? I did a brief search with inconclusive results.


After Goodyear? I don’t know. In 2014, SI1 went from PHX to Dallas, I think. I got to see it at the hanger at PHX. Was really cool. Amazing A/C.


If it were Dallas, I might drive up. Last I read, it was two stops in the midwest somewhere but hadn’t been decided specifically.


You’d enjoy it.

I could probably make it over to Goodyear before it landed.

I hope I can catch it this time on departure.


Will be landing on RWY 21, so it’s got to go around the the north of the airport then come back in from the northeast.


Piccard just said, in response to a question from a reporter, that the next stop may be ABQ and then on to MCI. Looks like you won’t get a chance to see it…


Am sure that we’ll have some UFO reports this evening :laughing:


I was just thinking the same thing. :slight_smile:


Landed about 5 minutes ago. Looks like the position/altitude they report on their website is about 5 minutes behind their real position/altitude.


On my ADS-B receiver here at the house, I briefly saw an unusual aircraft jumping around right near the Goodyear airport. Low altitude, low speed, all very erratic. If all they’re doing is transmitting their ID, then this could be MLAT position determination.

ID was ICAO 4B3059, so I google’d that, and came up with this!

Type: S2
CN: 001
Hex: 4B3059
Owner: Solar Impulse SA, route J.-D. Colladon , CH-1015 Lausanne
Operator: Solar Impulse SA, route J.-D. Colladon , CH-1015 Lausanne

So, for all of you between PHX and MCI, and maybe ABQ in-between, watch for that ICAO number!


Nice! Maybe it shows up on Planeplotter?


Very cool. did not show up on any tracking I had access to., just listened on ATC It took about an hour to land, just did high circles over the runway. When it finally landed it landed well into the runway so it didn’t have to taxi (or actually be pulled by hand) as the motors where shut off.

Big crowd for the 2300 landing time, bigger than Iron Maiden back in Feb.

the aircraft is out at the AA 767 Hanger, there is an IL-76 also with it.

No announcement of when it will depart and where. The best info was streaming on a laptop, rather than a phone.