Antenna testing again

  1. @k7je @bazarnicr @fltaware2 I see you have a good antenna setup. Care to share?
  2. Is there a way to message to specific users. Im not seeing it.
  3. Could flight-aware add a section on our shared profile where users can share hardware configurations. So far the pi2, flight-aware dongle, flight-aware antenna and LMR-400 coax to hook them up works pretty well and uses little electricity.


For the flightaware antenna + dongle you actually have a very low range if i look at your profile.

I would assume the antenna location is your worst problem, maybe the gain is completely wrong or you have really strong interference, hard to tell.

Care to share your setup in more detail? :slight_smile:


That’s probably the height of the mountains around. The whole Phoenix area is more or less in a valley…
However, he gets a lot of planes from the Sky Harbor Phoenix…

PS: I used to work in Sun City West, when they where still building it, around year 2000.


There is a guy not far from him who gets quite a bit more range, that’s who this post was addressed to mainly i think :slight_smile:


I see now, correct. Twice more close-up flights.
Antenna height, receiver gain (overloaded?)…


Looks like reply didn’t stick.
On 703xx-Live:
LMR-400 coax 5-feet;
Flight-Aware antenna;
Due to HOA’s in attic cement shingle roof.
(Surprised I get any reception here) outside is better… might attach it to the table umbrella to disguise it…)

deb 3.6.2 update as of 09/10/18
gain is auto
Typical 200K positions a day out to 120 miles.

On 874xx-Test
same setup except for antenna
currently $5 cheapo Amazon special on my desk.
Typical 70K position out to 75 miles.

Interference… When, on the live site, I added a heat sink to the pi reception went to… poop. Pealed heat sink off and reception came back. Added aluminum shield around pi and added 5’ lmr-400 extension to get to current results. Keeping pi CPU out of the plane of reception is important.

Planning on messing with “build your own” co-linear or the 25 foot telescoping mast for a second site near KPRC. No HOA to worry about.

THanks ~


If you want to tweak the gear i would recommend the fa filter plus blue fa dongle or what might give even better results the rtl-sdr filtered amp with their dongle (needed to supply the amp).

That’s both in the range of about 40$ i think.

The fa filter is currently on sale for 12$ (in the US that is) so that’s easy to try.

To elaborate: the rtl-sdr amp has a filter with low loss than an amplifier, a SAW filter, another amplifier, another SAW filter.

Here is an article about it:


The antenna I am using is a homebrew coaxial collinear. It’s built inside a 1 inch piece of PVC pipe about 5 feet long. I*t’s mounted up on the roof maybe 15 feet high. You will find the directions on how to build these coaxial collinear several places on the net. I believe that it is an 11 element but it’s been a few years since I built it so not sure. The antenna is fed with simple 75 ohm coax, flight-aware dongle(now, I was running a rtl-str dongle) and a Pi3



You can try to tweak that. You have plenty pf close-up planes, maybe lowering the gain will increase the numbers.