310 vs 340

thanks to everyone for the help on considering a 310. it fits the mission statement that i have laid out. but now i am weighing a 310 vs a 340. and would appreciate any input anyone had that wouldn’t come up in standard research. thanks

I would take the 310 over a 340.
Unless you have specific need for the pressurized cabin I would stay away from the extra cost. Nothing wrong with the 340, it is a good airframe but given the choice and no real pressing need for it I would get an unpressurized aircraft.

thanks for the input that is how i am leaning. but perhaps there are some unseen benefits to the 340 if anyone has some?

Four engines instead of two :wink:

when did they c340 get four engines? im sure there is some humor here but being as dense as i am i am not picking up on it

You never mentioned ‘C’ in your original post; I assumed ‘A’. :slight_smile:

"You never mentioned ‘C’ in your original post; I assumed ‘A’.

Must be a quiet day in the office! :unamused:

well indeed that would make a big difference. if only i could afford an a 340.

I bought a 340 2 1/2 years ago.

Love it.

I tire kicked 310’s, but along came a deal for a 340 I couldn’t turn down.

Insurance is going to be higher than a 310. All you need to tell an insurance agent is “pressurized” and they cringe.

My first year premium was $15k, but in addition…I had to attend a week at FlightSafety…$5k, plus expenses.

Second year premium…$10k, and FlightSafety recurrent training (every other year) drops to $3k.

Hopefully, this upcoming year will drop a little more again.

Realize too, that I didn’t have any ME time when I bought it, so that didn’t help me either.

I like the pressurization. In the winter months, it gets me up above 90% of the wx around here where the rocks are tall, yet during the summer months when the thunderstorms are high, I can stay down low beneath them and performance doesn’t suffer much.

I have RAM VI’s, flight plan for 215kts @ 18-19,000, but if I want to pour fuel through the engines, she’ll do 225+ kts @20-22,000.

RAM engines, American Aviation intercoolers and vortex generators are very important…they make Cessna’s numbers legit.

Costs are $2,500/month for it to just to sit in a hangar.

Double that price if you fly it a decent amount of time per year.

Annual expenses=$10-15k
Insurance (see above)
Hangar (around here)=$7k