Piper Malibu vs. Cessna P210 (Javelin)


I’m considering a bigger and faster airplane. Currently I’m in a Piper Comanche 250 with no major complaints. I fly regularly on 350, 670, and 800 mile trips. (the 880-miler is less frequent, and “not fun” anymore!)
It’s been pretty-much just my wife and I on these jaunts, but now we’ve recently added a 5-year old as a regular passenger. A few flights with her (the 5-year old) has got me thinking about more space. The thought of my wife being able to get up and “go back there” to deal with/entertain the 5-year old is quite appealing to me/us. More speed always gets me interested too! 8)

A Saratoga or Bonanza comes to mind first I guess, but the 880-miler makes me wonder if a pressurized airplane wouldn’t be a better choice.
Though the Saratoga isn’t all-that-much faster than my PA-24, etc.
*My first off-the-cuff comparison of a PA46-310 to my PA24 gets me to my 670-miler 1:15 earlier at a more comfortable altitude and burns about 3-4 gallons more fuel.

Yes- cost is still/always a concern, and I don’t want to compare apples-to-oranges here…
I’m going to be researching many options for sure, including Cirrus, Diamond, Columbia, etc.

**So, does anybody have any solid opinions when comparing the P210-Jav to the the Malibu/Mirage?


Oh yeah- It could be that insurance may be the cold-slap in the face that I probably need here!


The Saratoga and Bonanza considerations are lateral moves except financially.

If you are familar with the Comanche then a step up to the 400 Comanche would put you in the league speed-wise; however the back would still be in the cheap-seat section. Mine may be the exception @195KTAS, faster than the book 185KTAS. My point is there is more to be had with some effort.

It seems the market place has some bargains available and the 400 is not an exception there; you can’t go any faster for the money. There is one for sale in Llano, Tx that I have seen. Whisle if I can help.