piper matrix vs bonanza g36

An uncle of mine is keen on upgrading his sr22t to a plane with a larger cabin, and similar flying qualities. He is based in Carson City, yet he also owns a condo in aspen that he regularly flies to in the winter (needs great deicing equipment.) Money is not an issue as long as the plane is below 1.1mil.

Avg mission
speed greater than 170ktas
ability to climb out of high altitude airports

How it flies has a good review of the Piper Malibu and more basic information on the Beech Bonanza. From a size only perspective, the Matrix would be the better choice. Piper markets it specifically to SR22 owners looking for more room. The Bonanza is arguably a higher quality aircraft.

Gulfstream 2’s are less than 1.1 these days!! But seriously I don’t know anything about the Matrix, the Bonanza is a very nice, solid airplane.

another plane he may be considering is the extra ea500 because of it 24gph fuel burn at 235kt.

has anyone seen the ea500 in real life

Yes sir.

How big is the interior? The ea500’s main selling point is its 23gph fuel burn at 235ktas, yet is the ea500 a better airplane than the meridian?
Has anyone flown the ea500?

If he needs a FIKI airplane, then the Bonanza is automatically disqualified. I’d stay away from the Extra, I doubt that they have a good support network in place in the US. I’d be very hesitant to fly a single engine piston aircraft in the rocky mountains in icing conditions, but that’s just me. IMHO, a Baron would be money better spent.

Flying in the mountains (Aspen) the turbocharged Matrix would be much preferred.

Can you say Meridian or TBM??
Weather in the rockies and the need to meet a schedule = Turbine.
Also a willingness to use Rifle instead of Aspen during the winter will help.

If he is willing to get his Multiengine… The C-425 Conquest or a Piper Cheyenne are in the 1.1Mil budget.