Info on Cessna 335

Does anyone know anything about the Cessna 335? We know that it is basically the Cessna 340 without the pressurization. Does anyone know if there are any major AD’s or anything else to worry about? What about performance and fuel burn? Any advice? We are considering buying one with engines over TBO and redoing it.

It is the same just no 4.2 psi bleed air from the turbos to give you press air in the cabin,it will have a few more lbs useful load(appx 30 lbs)They are less to purchase than the 340 but cost the exact same amount of bucks to fly.Buy the 340 in over 15 yrs I have spent less than 1800$ on the press air stuff but it is the best thing about flying the aircraft is to have a 4-5000 ft cabin in the high teens above most weather. I think everything else is the same,make sure the beams and bulkheads are good(could cost $30-40000 to repair) .Should get about 190kts@38gph at 10000 ft.215kts@38gph at20000 ft with stock 310 hp eng, if you have a say on who does the reman let only Ram @ ACT do the engins they are the very best,a few more $ but well worth it for years of hassel free flying.