Cessna 310 Turbo vs. non turbo

We are considering moving up to a newer Cessna 310R. We currently have a '65 model 310J. It is such a great airplane, but we would like something a little newer. We do not have any experience with turbo charged airplanes and are wondering if we should try a 310R Turbo or should we stick with the non-turbo model. Does anyone know much on this topic? What is the difference in performance and fuel burn on the two models? What about additional maintenance and cost for the turbos? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve talked to several mecs and the turbo on the T-310 is jammed into a VERY small cowl. they get very hot and tend to fail because of it.
An acquaintance of mine 10 years ago owned the no-turbo version of the 310 and had also mentioned something about the turbo getting VERY hot (yes I know that turbos get hot but more so with the 310).
My advice to you is in less you plan on spending time in the flight levels or hauling heavy loads buy the non-turbo. The cost of an over-haul on a non-turbo is much cheaper and in the long run you will save money and fuel.
I have had several Turbo issues on a PA-31, and will PREACH stage cool, stage cool, stage cool. 2" a min to 18’ MP will work 1" a min even better.

Better yet just buy a PA-31

A lot of that depends on where you live, where you fly and distance of legs.

In SoCal I rarely fly below 10,000’ and if I did it again I’d buy a turbo. That being said I know nothing about Turbo 310’s

I have a lot of time in the “non turbo-L” & T310R models. If you need to go high mid teens to FL200 buy the Turbo. Down low the non turbo is just as fast & cost less with exhaust MX. But research the new wing inspection issues on all 300 - 400 series Cessna twins before buying any!!