Considering a 2001 Turbo Saratoga

I’m serioulsly considering a 2001 turbo toga. My most recent plane was an A36 and two before that was a Saratoga and a Cherokee 6. I really liked the qulaity and speed of the A36 but the Pipers were a better fit, at least for me, as a family plane. I had no intention of getting a Turbo anything but this deal may be to good to pass up.

Any comments on the advantages of the turbo vs. the disadvantages?
How much more fuel will it burn say at 10,000 ft than a non turbo.



Where are you located, that might help. Also, what’s your mission? I’ve flown the turbo toga’s, and they fly real nice, I’ve also worked on them, and they are not cheap (if you had a Bonanza, you’re used to it!).

For some reason, in my experience, the engine mounts seem to get cracks every few years, and the turbo itself seems to be more off a pain in the $ss than it’s worth, unless you are based in APA.

There is also a speed brake STC for them, does it have that mod? May lower your engine urbo cost a little.

But a deal is a deal, could offset the higher maint. costs.

Good luck, and feel free to post more specific questions.

I’m located in Kentucky. My missions don’t require a turbo as I seldom ever fly out of anywhere more than 2000 ft. MSL. Other than the occassional trip to Colorado I don’t really have a need for a turbo charged airplane. What I’m trying to decide is if getting a real nice airplane at a bargain basement price out weighs the downside of flying a turbo? Having flown for approx. 28 years there have been many times I would have liked to have been able to climb that extra few thousand feet. But again is it really worth it?

This plane does not have speed brakes!


I do maintenance on a 2000 PA32-301 T, I also flew this airplane until 06 when I lost my medical.
A couple of words of advice. Research and consider carefully the engine time! you will note that most turbocharged engines on the market are in the 600/ 700 hour since overhaul range. there is a hint there! I am also in Ky.

I was very close to buyig a Turbo Saratoga but changed my mind. I bought a 2004 Piper 6X instead. I’ve owned 2 6 place Cher. 6’s in the past and they are hard to beat as a family truckster. I loved my A36 but it was not as family friendly. So what I’ll spend a little more time getting from point a to point b. That’s always been the best part of the trip anyway.


The six and it’s variants are cool, versatile planes. Load and go!

Congratulations, I think you made the right decision. I have always been fond of the six.

Flew my 6X home to Kentucky from Akron Ohio Friday. Clicked over 300 hours on the hobbs on the way home. I think I made the right choice, based on my missions, not getting a turbo. Anyway I’m happy with my decission and that’s all that matters.

Congrats David. You’ve just experienced the first of the two happiest days of plane ownership. :wink:


This is not my first rodeo. Actually this is my 7th. aircraft so I do realize my happiest day is sometime in the future. But for now I’ll enjoy.